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Demo: Wealth Management Client Onboarding App


Unqork is an ideal platform to digitize and optimize the client onboarding journey for wealth management.

In this brief demo video, we will showcase some of the functionality available for your Unqork-built onboarding application such as customizable fields, dynamic application logic (including automatically-generated risk assessment and suggested allocations), and seamless integrations with both internal legacy systems and third-party services (e.g., OCR platforms for automated translation of uploaded forms, eSignature for final approval, and even state DMV agencies for ID validation). And all elements of the journey can be easily tied into an intuitive client-facing omnichannel UI.

The takeaway is this: Just about any digital functionality you would want to include in your digital onboarding experience is possible with Unqork—and it’s far easier to build and maintain than with a traditional code-based approach. 

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