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New Release Accelerates Enterprise-Ready AI and Data-Centric Development

The latest Unqork release enhances data-driven development and unlocks the transformative power of GenAI, enabling users to harness innovation and a competitive advantage in the market. 

Unqork’s Quarterly Platform Release gives enterprise organizations access to a range of powerful new capabilities for building smarter, more impactful applications, including an accelerated path to integrate third-party or proprietary AI tools and rapidly deploy AI-enabled applications. 

With these advancements, Unqork is empowering enterprises across the financial services, insurance, and public sectors to create smarter, more dynamic applications than ever before.

What’s in this release

  • GenAI Connector: Build AI-enabled applications with ease by seamlessly integrating third-party or proprietary AI tools, enabling rapid application deployment. 
  • Application Versioning: Streamline collaboration and simplify application maintenance by creating and managing multiple versions of the same application simultaneously, minimizing disruption and boosting productivity.
  • Data-Centric Development: Ensure peak application performance and data integrity by seamlessly integrating data models within your module using a simple drag-and-drop interface with Data Models & Schemas. Additionally, simplify API endpoint configurations and easily return data in the desired format without complex workflows with the new Visual Query Builder.
  • Vega Tables: Take back control of your data with Vega Tables, a centralized table component that unifies your data into a single, easy-to-manage location.
  • Operations Builder: Simplify complex UI interactions with minimal manual configuration. Build complex logic against a given set of events and operations, enabling the creation of dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

GenAI Connector

Unqork’s GenAI Connector simplifies and accelerates the creation of secure, enterprise-ready AI-enabled applications–and eliminates the need for code and the tech debt that comes with it.  With GenAI Connector, Unqork takes on the burden of maintaining applications throughout the entire lifecycle—empowering you to focus on innovation.


  • Simplify the integration of GenAI solutions into your applications through an intuitive connector that accelerates modernization efforts.   
  • Rapidly and iteratively create AI-enabled applications with Unqork’s 100% drag-and-drop visual designer.
  • Create AI-enabled applications equipped with enterprise-grade security and compliance.
See GenAI Connector in action

Published Application Versioning

To release business-critical features given today’s complexity of large, interconnected applications, enterprises must implement robust processes like CI/CD, comprehensive testing, and manual QA to coordinate parallel work across teams and minimize errors. Published Application Versioning helps solve this challenge by allowing enterprises to run more than one version of an application at a time and eliminating the need to update every connection in an application with each new version. Now, you can create and test multiple versions of the same application in parallel, without any disruptions.


  • Easily promote and test without disrupting development, increasing speed to market.
  • Enable multiple teams to collaborate simultaneously on the same application, boosting productivity and innovation.
  • Leverage enhanced application security measures, including disclosed application patch numbers and semantic versioning
See Published Application Versioning in action

Data-Centric Development

With new Data-Centric Development features in the latest release, Creators no longer have to structure and validate data manually or rely on workarounds that can compromise application quality. With Data Models & Schemas, users can seamlessly integrate data structures throughout workflows, speeding time to market, increasing application quality, enhancing security, and lowering technical debt. Then, Visual Query Builder allows users to easily access their data by quickly configuring API endpoints and returning data in the desired format without complex workflows.


  • Rapidly build schema-compliant user interfaces, and simplify data extraction to achieve faster time to value.
  • Seamlessly integrate data structures for enhanced data quality and application performance.
  • Lower tech debt by improving development efficiency, enhancing data governance, and reducing errors.
See Data-Centric Development in action

Vega Tables

Vega Tables eliminates the need to sort, search, and manipulate data across multiple tables by consolidating all functionalities into a single Table component. In addition to providing a cohesive and comprehensive solution for data management needs, Vega Tables offers responsive, native-feeling interfaces similar to spreadsheet environments.


  • Save time and energy by quickly gathering and organizing data into a singular tabular display, and seamlessly navigate and edit data.
  • Effortlessly edit and input data by providing users with a seamless, familiar spreadsheet-like experience for data entry and management.
  • Build insight-driven applications by enabling advanced filtering, sorting, and search query capabilities.
See Vega Tables in action

Operations Builder

Instead of manually hard-coding values, Operations Builder provides Creators with a modern UI allowing them to easily build and customize operations and events for Vega Tables, including filtering, adding rows, removing rows, navigating to different table pages, and more–all with zero code. As a result, users no longer have to run operations manually in the Table component and can instead use scalable logic components to control and trigger them.


  • Simplify the configuration process by providing a guided, easy-to-read experience for Creators, expediting time to value. 
  • Deliver a seamless and intuitive interface that eliminates the need for manual entry to create tailored Table logic.
  • Provide end-user flexibility and customization by unlocking the ability to review, organize, and search data in their Tables more efficiently and tailored to the business needs.
See Operations Builder in action


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