Digitize the Group Benefits Value Chain

Rapidly digitize & automate processes across underwriting, onboarding, servicing, and operations

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Unqork for Group Benefits

Complex legacy systems and outdated technology drive up development costs, bog down operational processes, and make it hard for group benefits firms to bring modern solutions to their clients. Complex and evolving regulatory and security challenges only increases the challenge. 

Unqork is powered by decades of collective insurance and IT experience, and 10 of the top 20 group benefit firms use Unqork. Meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market with reusable, secure, compliant, and real-world-tested functionality.


Transform group benefits

Accelerate time to market

  • Build complex use cases with a 100% drag-and drop visual designer. 
  • Unlock IT and business collaboration to build more efficiently. 
  • Modernize your legacy code to future-proof apps.
  • Eliminate management of legacy code. 
  • Let Unqork handle security, compliance, and upgrades on an ongoing basis. 
  • Unlock business users to develop new apps. 
  • Meet the highest security and compliance standards. (GDPR, SOC2 Type 2, and ISO 27001)
  • Rely on robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data. 
  • Ensure compliance with the constantly changing regulatory landscape. 

Unqork use cases for group benefits

Underwriting & Sales Operations

Automate ingestion and interpretation of inbound RFP bid specs, connect to rating systems, and provide underwriters with real-time case management tools. Deliver quotes to brokers in a digital environment with user-friendly dashboards.

Employer Onboarding

Leverage connected workflows to handle all client interactions and streamline operations across internal teams for over 100+ servicing events.

Employee Enrollment & EOI

Support end-to-end digital enrollment and Evidence of Insurability (EOI) journeys, including integrated help/chat functionality, individual applicant statuses, and individual/bulk reminders.

Portals, Digital Servicing, and Operations

Deliver member portals complete with claim filing, provider finder, and customer support. Deliver employer portals with billing and plan document hosting.

Broker/Agent Onboarding

Provide digitized appointment & licensing and contracting workflows to eliminate redundancy and maintain regulatory compliance.

Major insurer builds self-service plan onboarding in just 20 weeks

Using Unqork, the carrier built a solution that provides rapid and intuitive employer onboarding processes, robust self-service capabilities, real-time status account updates and data access, and a pixel-perfect, on-brand look and feel. Benefits include:

  • 20 weeks from ideation to market
  • 85% faster client onboarding
  • 40% lower TCO

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