Wealth Client Onboarding & Account Maintenance

Remove complex, manual work and enhance initial customer and advisor experiences with end-to-end digital client onboarding and account maintenance processes. 

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Unqork’s Client Onboarding & Account Maintenance solution for Wealth Management helps firms streamline their onboarding and maintenance processes enabling faster revenue growth, lower cost, and reduced risk.


Accelerated Time-to-Revenue

Faster client account opening resulting in faster time-to-revenue


Enhanced Client Experience

Deliver custom experiences that decrease manual back-and-forths leading to 85% acceleration in onboarding


Eliminated Manual Work

Dramatically improve advisor productivity and minimize manual work, leading to a 40% reduction in operational costs


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“Impressive and powerful. It’s an extremely scalable, thoughtful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use piece of technology.”

Sarah Shenton, Goldman Sachs

Key Capabilities


Digital End-to-End Workflow

Orchestrate dynamic workflows across core processes including info-gathering, product selection, regulatory disclosures, and more


Fully Customizable UX

Customizable experience to enable both digital high-touch advisor-led flows or client self-service through dynamic digital portals


Automated Data Validations

On-the-glass and back-end validation to eliminate NIGO and simplify case management for processing teams


Seamless Integrations

No-code integration layer interacts seamlessly with your current ecosystem and third-party providers to minimize manual processing and reduce risk & errors




Real-Time Dashboards

Fully integrated backend dashboards that provide real-time status and ensure consistency of information between clients, advisors, and operations teams


Enterprise-Grade Security

Compatibility with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and integration with entitlements system of record to preserve existing RBAC

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Discover the biggest trends in digitization for WAM firms

Tune in as Sumit Malhotra, (Unqork’s Head of Wealth and Asset Management), and Phil Kerkel (Managing Principal at Capco) explore current WAM industry trends towards digitization.

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A top-5 wealth management firm built a modern front-to-back office private wealth management platform in 24 weeks.

A top-5 wealth manager was saddled with expensive, high-touch processes for onboarding and servicing clients, which led to high costs and lowered advisor productivity. Seeking to create a richer client experience and digitize enterprise-wide operations, the firm used Unqork to develop an end-to-end digital solution for 12,000 financial advisors across 350 branch locations. The solution enabled next-generation advisor workstation capabilities, streamlined onboarding & maintenance, and enabled scalable back-office capabilities (e.g., ACATs). The solution is fully integrated with the manager’s existing record-keeping systems, as well as third-party services such as SFDC, Docusign, and PLAID.


Number of weeks to go from ideation to production


Decrease in development resources compared to traditional development


Acceleration in client onboarding times


Reduction in operational costs


Elimination of NIGO data

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