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Power ESG Initiatives with Codeless

Quickly build, manage, and adapt ESG solutions with Unqork’s codeless development platform



Organizations are under increasing pressure to invest in—and demonstrate the effectiveness of—environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Both principal and private investors are vying to increase ESG activities. Customers are demanding sustainable practices from the companies they do business with. And regulatory and reporting requirements are on the rise—and in constant flux.

Unfortunately, pre-built, one-size-fits-all solutions are not sufficient to manage such initiatives, because they: 

  • Vary widely across industries and from organization to organization
  • Lack standardized reporting requirements
  • Require gathering and integrating multiple, disconnected datasets
  • Are subject to both changing regulations and evolving market forces. 

With Unqork’s enterprise-grade codeless development platform, you can quickly and easily meet all these challenges. Deliver robust ESG applications rapidly, manage them easily, and update them quickly as data collection and reporting requirements evolve. 

Key capabilities

Support virtually any kind of ESG initiatives, thanks to:

  • Flexibility in sources and methods of data collection
  • Ability to expose built applications to external users (e.g., suppliers/vendors) 
  • Pixel-perfect branding
  • Agility in changing rules and calculation 
  • Ease of integration with ontology and accounting systems   
  • Technology informed by decades of collective experience in heavily regulated industries

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ESG powered by Codeless Architecture 

Unqork is the first no-code application platform for the enterprise—and the only one specifically designed to power Codeless Architecture

What is Codeless Architecture? 

An open standard, Cordless Architecture, together with Unqork’s codeless development platform, enables you to build complex, enterprise-grade software without writing, managing, or even seeing a line of code. Codeless significantly lowers the cost and complexity of building and managing software, so you can focus entirely on building business value, it makes development: 

  • Unified. Everything you need on a single platform—front-end, workflow, analytics, integrations, databases, legacy transformations, management, maintenance, and more. 
  • Visual. Drag-and-drop interface for even the most complex operations, plus spreadsheet-like calculations, visual data transformations, and industry-specific templates
  • Enterprise-grade. Single-tenant, cloud agnostic architecture with security, roles, and permissions that meet enterprise standards and compliance with Soc 2 Type II and Privacy Shield standards

What does codeless ESG look like?

Unqork provides a comprehensive solution for ESG data collection and validation, including support for both multi-channel upstream data collection and downstream collaboration and reporting. Benefits include:

  • Ease of integrations:  Easily integrate data critical to ESG reporting from both internal and external data services. 
  • End-to-end auditability: Support full auditability without any special configuration, including robust controls of non-financial data. 
  • Rapid iterations: Because you never write new code, you can scale out changes to rules, workflows, and calculation logic much more quickly and easily. 
  • Tailored self-service portals: Quickly build portfolio portals that provide access to ESG data to stakeholders within and beyond the organization. 

Common ESG use cases

Because of the speed and flexibility of Codeless Architecture, there are no limits to possible use cases. However, here are some solutions that Unqork customers are currently building or already using.  

Impact reporting

To gather complete data for Scope 1 emissions (from sources controlled or owned by your organization), scope 2 emissions (associated with the purchase of electricity, steam, heat, or cooling), and scope 3 emissions (other data from partners across your supply chain), you need to capture and connect data from across disparate systems, including third-party sources. 

With Unqork, you can build secure, dedicated portals with direct integrations to internal and supplier data in support of comprehensive emissions reporting. 

Financial commitment reporting

To substantiate ESG ratings across their portfolios, investors must collect data from multiple sources (e.g., public data aggregators, portfolio company systems, and more) and apply proxy logic where necessary. 

With Unqork, you can quickly build a solution that gathers all relevant data, performs required calculations, handles multi-tiered workflows for review, and supports full auditability. 

Product suitability analysis

In addition to considering product characteristics like complexity and time horizon, investment and wealth managers are increasingly taking into consideration the ESG preferences of customers.  

With Unqork, you can quickly build applications that connect to your firm’s current infrastructure, route relevant data, and/or enforce workflows necessary for ESG suitability reviews.

Success stories

Organizations across industries are already benefiting from robust, ESG-specific software built on Unqork’s platform, including: 

  • A large international asset manager that has increased visibility into WEF and Paris Agreement commitments using Unqork to track financed emissions. 
  • An energy company that has reduced their reporting time from 45 days to 21 days—and moved from quarterly to monthly disclosures.
  • A private equity investor that has increased and expedited ESG metrics submissions by providing portals and building integrations that connect to both internal and third-party data. 

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In this video, Rob Fisher (US ESG Leader, KPMG) and Matthew Linakis (Director of Alliances, ESG & Financial Services, Unqork) discuss how enterprises can power their ESG initiatives by combining KPMG’s business expertise and Unqork’s leading Codeless-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform. The partnership empowers organizations to align their ESG strategy so that it both enhances financial value and meets the needs of evolving regulations.

Codeless Resources

Academy & Community Hub

With Unqork Academy, Creators can master no-code in no time with robust guided curriculums, certification assessments, courses, and resources. The Unqork Community Hub is an active, self-sustaining community of Creators for continued support, education, and feedback.

Unqork Marketplace

Using the Unqork Marketplace, users can easily surface and integrate enterprise-grade pre-built snippets, templates, integrations, and accelerators designed by industry experts, Unqork technology partners, and fellow Creators to further expedite your application development.

Implementation Partners

If you need to get up and running right away, assistance is available. Accelerate the delivery of your solutions by partnering with Unqork Digital, Unqork’s own professional services team, or one of our Certified Implementation Partners with deep industry and Unqork expertise.

Third-Party Integrations

Take advantage of Unqork’s expanding partner ecosystem and easily integrate specialized third-party functionality into your applications. Unqork’s API functionality empowers Creators to seamlessly add new external services to existing workflows and business processes.

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