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The future of software development is visual. With Unqork Academy, you can build the skills that will help you digitally transform your organization—without writing a single line of code. Join your peers in one of the world’s fastest-growing application development communities.

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You're passionate about using the Unqork Platform to create innovative, efficient applications. You're a problem solver reinventing how software gets built. You’re ready to dive in and learn new skills. Learn more about our certifications and discover the codeless journey that is best for you.


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Associate Configurator

Learn all the foundational knowledge you need to start building mid-level applications in Unqork.

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Professional Configurator

Develop your ability to contribute significant features to enterprise applications in Unqork as part of a team.

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Expert Configurator

Master all the skills you need to design and architect large scale enterprise applications in Unqork.

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Learn how to develop with codeless directly from our expert instructors. Unqork’s live courses provide an opportunity for one-on-one guidance and to have your questions answered in real time. Live instruction is currently only available virtually, but we hope to re-launch on-site instruction as soon as possible—stay tuned for updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I need a technical or coding background to build in Unqork?

No! Unqork’s intuitive visual-based UI empowers Creators to build complex applications using configurable modules and templates, which means no coding—of any kind—required!

+ How do I get started?

After registering in Academy, users have the ability to customize their Unqork journey to either build a specific skill (or skills) or earn a certification.

Users looking to build a specific skill and earn a badge can focus on a narrow product area to gain specialized knowledge. This approach is similar to getting or CFA or CPA, with the badge acting as your credentials. Other users prefer to gain a general understanding of all product areas. This approach is like getting your MBA and the certification is your graduation.

+ How many certifications and badges are there?

There are 3 certifications (Associate, Professional, and Expert) and 7 badges (APIs, Dashboards, Data Workflows, Troubleshooting, Workflows, Security, and Transforms).

+ How can I practice my configuration skills?

Please request registration access to our exclusive sandbox environment. Once you are granted access, follow along in Academy and test your configuration knowledge through “labs,” which simulate unique customer use cases.

+ How do I add a badge or certification to my LinkedIn page and share it with my network?

Once a badge is issued, you will receive an email with the “Accept the badge” button. Once that is completed, just follow the steps to share it with your social circles.

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