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Feature in Focus: Parallel Execution


Build complex, timely workflows with simultaneous business processes

Workflow empowers Creators to rapidly build and effectively manage complex application logic through a visual UI. With Workflow, Creators can configure performant, interactive enterprise-grade web applications without writing a single line of code.

We at Unqork are constantly thinking of ways to improve Creator productivity. We heard from many users that they wished they could build workflows that allowed more than one task to be executed at a time, which would more accurately represent their business processes. In an “analog” world, no one would be surprised to find multiple teams working on individual tasks simultaneously. This approach is complex, challenging to scale, and resource-intensive, but more efficient in some ways. 

If only there were a way to deliver the power, efficiency, and scalability of digital workflows with the robustness of this multi-track approach. 

If only…

That’s why we’re proud to introduce Parallel Execution as part of Platform Release 2021.10. With Parallel Execution, Creators can build workflows that support simultaneous business processes.  

What does this look like in practice?


Let’s take the example of applying for life insurance. This is an inherently complex process involving multiple stakeholders. Traditionally, certain tasks couldn’t be started until a previous task was first completed. In a typical digital workflow, a broker initiates the application process on behalf of a client and then collects and validates each piece of information. After that, a doctor submits a health assessment. Once that’s submitted, an underwriter needs to review all the records, and after all that, at the end of the assembly line, the broker approves the application. 

With Parallel Execution, Creators can build an application in which all tasks can be executed simultaneously by all relevant stakeholders instead of waiting for a previous step to be completed first.    

As a result, processes move much faster, and ultimately organizations can deliver a superior experience to end-users.

With Parallel Execution, Creators can:

  • Improve business efficiencies
    Execute automated tasks at the same time as user-driven tasks

  • Reduce long wait times
    Complete two or more tasks at the same time, before the end-user progresses to the next task

  • Collaborate across indefinite users
    Allow multiple team members to work on different tasks in a workflow at the same time

Want to learn more about how Parallel Execution can be used at your organization? Join us on Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 10 AM ET for “Creating Powerful Workflows With Parallel Execution,” a virtual demonstration and live Q&A as part of Unqork Create 2021. Register for free here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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