Workflow & Logic

Build complex application flows and logic with intuitive visual UI navigation, and support for automated scheduled events and interactive messaging with the best-in-class no-code platform.


Dynamic Routing Logic

Configure sophisticated routing logic without a single line of code, and visually build advanced routing patterns to optimize process management.


Manageable User Roles

Define and implement user roles across your application, with company-wide data permission controls and handoffs.


Easily Automated Tasks

Build automated no-code modules and flows to run on any schedule, with in-depth monitoring and alerting.

USer Roles

Manage user roles across your application.

Implement controls and handoffs across your application. Maintain consistency as defined by company-wide data permissions. Assign complex tasks to be completed server-side to improve application performance and security.


Define communication steps, alerts, and responses across your application.

Add nodes notifying relevant parties when processes are complete or when further action is needed on their part. Automate reminders and notifications across channels including email and SMS. Define and send real-time, in-app communications across your application. Build complex SMS flows with automated responses.

Automated tasks

Build in-depth automation flows.

Automate no-code modules to run on any schedule, with in-depth monitoring and alerting. Build complex export flows, automated messaging systems, event-driven/webhooks, sequencing, error-handling & routing, and retries.

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Dynamic Routing

Configure sophisticated routing logic without writing a single line of code.


Visually build advanced routing patterns using equations in a spreadsheet-modeled format to optimize process management.


Develop a routing process to different parties or automated flows dynamically: manage information flow across groups of users with RBAC in an intuitive BPMN-modeled workflow builder.


Automatically generate navigation that aligns with your workflow logic and triggers events and messaging.


Manage complex routing configurations and operational control mechanisms using  intuitive drag and drop self-service workflow logic.

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Watch our video demonstration of Data Workflow, one of the most powerful components of the Unqork platform. 

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