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Power User Spotlight: A Three-Member KPMG Team Named Finalists in 2023 Unqork Creator Hackathon

Three Unqork creators on the KPMG Global Services team joined forces to create an application that highlights the power of Unqork Dynamic Refresh. They discuss their submission and how Unqork’s codeless platform transforms the way they work. 


Watch the KPMG team present their winning submission

Meet the Team

  • Harish Dabade, Assistant Manager. With more than seven years of professional experience, Harish has spent the last three years working on Unqork and has earned his Professional Configurator Certificate. Before developing on Unqork, he worked as a site reliability engineer. 
  • Monica Sridaran, Assistant Manager. A seasoned middleware web services developer with more than nine years of experience, Monica has almost four years of experience on the Unqork platform and has earned her Professional Configurator Certificate. She is also Unqork’s first repeat Hackathon Finalist, having finished as runner up in 2022
  • Hariharan Subramanian, Associate Consultant. With four years of professional experience as a developer, Hariharan has been an Unqork Creator for the last two years and has earned his Associate Configurator Certificate. Before working on Unqork, he was a backend Java developer and specialized in developing and consuming APIs. 

What they love about Unqork

  • Release management: Monica says she loves the release management capabilities of Unqork, which help creators promote multiple Unqork applications together. This increases creator productivity and reduces the risk of error. “We used to have to manage it by ourselves. It has been life-changing,” she explains. 
  • Dynamic Refresh: Besides making it easier to improve page performance, Dynamic Refresh makes it “much easier to reuse functionality in multiple places,” says Harish.
  • Codeless integrations: Hariharan likes how easy it is to build integrations. “You just provide the details of the API, set the security credentials, and add the plug-in,” he explains. “You get it done in a day instead of writing code for two weeks.” 

The power of Dynamic Refresh

Unqork’s Dynamic Refresh feature enables seamless content delivery by refreshing (or loading) parts of an Unqork application without reloading the entire page. This speeds performance and makes change in content on a page feel intuitive, helping to keep users engaged. 

In addition, it allows for much greater component reusability. “Dynamic Refresh enables you to break pages into different components, so that you can easily reuse functionality in multiple places,” explains the KPMG team. 

Their 2023 Hackathon submission: Snakes & Ladders

Together, Harish, Monica, and Hariharan created an online version of the traditional board game Snakes and Ladders, which originated in ancient India as Moksha Patam. Their game is designed for two players, who roll digital dice, and then the game moves them along the board accordingly.  

When plays roll the dice, their position on the board is instantly updated.  “There is absolutely no lag,” the team members explain. 

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