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eBook: Innovation Accelerated

Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to meet rising consumer expectations for digital experiences, optimize internal processes for maximum efficiency, and fend off the digital disruptors. 

To address these demands, many companies have launched specialized innovation teams to develop fresh solutions and new ideas that address business and operational needs with the latest emerging technologies. Innovation teams, however, face three common challenges that mitigate efficiency, organizational impact, and time-to-market:

  1. Complex ecosystems of third-party technology solutions and internal legacy platforms, which require significant effort to integrate, coordinate, and leverage

  2. Unstructured sourcing and prioritization of the best innovation ideas from across the firm

  3. Extensive networks of stakeholders across the business (including influencers, internal & external partners, and collaborators) that complicate the delivery of innovation initiatives  

Innovation teams across some of the world’s leading financial institutions have tapped into the power of Unqork’s unique no-code application platform to address and resolve these issues via:

  • Rapid innovation prototyping, so enterprises can quickly develop functional prototypes that can bring innovation to life to improve collaboration and accelerate time-to-market.

  • An innovation pipeline platform that methodically optimizes pipelines of innovation to efficiently vet, evaluate, select, and track the performance of innovation ideas and projects in a way that is customized to your firm’s needs.

  • Management platforms & systems to streamline administrative needs (e.g., people/partner management, intake, systems provisioning, etc.) and drive innovation.

This eBook will explore how Unqork empowers innovation teams to maximize their productivity and accelerate time-to-market and time-to-value.

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