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Unqork Platform Brief


An end-to-end SDLC platform that does everything you do with code now (except better, faster, and more affordably)

Enterprises are under increasing pressure to use technology to amplify productivity, fend off digital attackers, and address customers’ rising expectations for service. Unfortunately, as demand for custom business applications grows, so do the development challenges. 

Today, the lion’s share of technology budgets goes to maintaining, managing, and updating existing code, not building new applications. This is why Unqork’s industry-first no-code enterprise application platform is revolutionary. This unified platform allows companies to:

  • Rapidly build complex enterprise functionality in a completely visual UI

  • Eliminate the creation of new legacy code

  • Manage the entire SDLC in one location

  • Power applications on a secure, cost-effective cloud platform

  • Seamlessly integrate custom solutions with existing systems and third-party services

With Unqork, software is built by drag-and-dropping configurable components representing UI elements, application logic, and integrations. The platform executes on these configurations as if they were written in code. By separating application logic from the code base, enterprises accelerate time-to-market, improve hiring & retention, and build future-proof applications that easily evolve with the needs of the business.

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