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Unqork + CLARA Analytics for Insurance


No-code AI for risk management

Today, self-insureds have deficiencies in their complex risk management process. Due to a heavy reliance on disjointed workflows and systems, carriers invest a considerable amount of resources into risk and control identification, assessment, monitoring, and remediation. The manual burden has negative effects that cascade beyond wasted time: claims leakage costs, opaque processes, and barriers to compliance.

Unqork and CLARA Analytics have come together to reimagine the way self-insured companies manage risk, from identification all the way through remediation. CLARA’s AI-powered predictive analytics and comprehensive drill down dashboards coupled with Unqork’s no-code platform makes it easy to efficiently assess risk with machine learning.

CLARA’s AI-powered claim scoring and prediction enables quick visibility into vital metrics like risk exposures and drivers of claims. Meanwhile, Unqork’s flexible drag-and-drop workflows allow risk managers to quickly setup and track mitigation plans for their loss prevention initiatives. With the power of Unqork and CLARA Analytics, self-insureds can illuminate the most accurate and robust claims findings and analytics, and design smart workflows to action off of these insights.  


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