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How Well Do You Know No-Code?


Enterprise no-code applications are changing the game when it comes to application development. But how well do you really know no-code?

No-code may be revolutionary, but it isn’t new—no-code platforms have been around since the 2010s, and the idea goes even further back. Using no-code at an enterprise level, however, is indeed new, and the adoption of business no-code techniques has ramped up within the past few years. 

recent study found 82% of people either don’t know what no-code is or have a fundamental misunderstanding of no-code.

It makes sense that some out there don’t really know what no-code is, but we never could’ve guessed just how many people are out of the loop. A recent study found 82% of people either don’t know what no-code is or have a fundamental misunderstanding of no-code. We’re going to try and fix that in this article.

Really, what is no-code?

No-code is an enterprise application development approach, allowing anyone of any skill level to build sophisticated applications without writing a single line of code. No-code platforms are visual abstractions of programmatic functions, with key software components represented by graphical forms. This enables Creators to easily modify and arrange the behavior, flow, and look of software. No-code platforms also democratize application development so that it’s accessible to more people.

There are many different types of no-code tools available today: 

  • Website builders are simple, web-based platforms without many capabilities for incorporating advanced functions with business logic

  • “Super spreadsheet” applications can organize teams and build basic internal applications and workflows. These no-code platforms can’t deliver the complex business logic necessary for dynamic applications.

  • Integration tools use an API library to pass data between applications, enabling you to bring different technologies together and perform certain actions

  • Application platforms enable Creators to build classic web applications with many points of functionality—such as logins and multiple screens—while also helping Creators execute complex business logic and flows

Enterprise application no-code platforms are app-building software specifically designed with business needs in mind. Whereas most no-code tools help coding newcomers create basic digital tools, enterprise-grade no-code application platforms empower large organizations to develop and efficiently manage innovative business solutions with no code necessary.

It’s important to understand that no-code applications do run on internal code—otherwise, the computer wouldn’t know what to do! But if you’re the Creator—how Unqork, the first no-code platform built specifically for the enterprise, refers to application builders—you won’t see or interact with any code. Instead, you’ll use a visual UI that is simple to understand, and you can change or organize components freely. No-code platforms take your actions in the UI and translate them into code for the computer for you, letting you focus on business logic instead of syntax. 

Busting No-Code Myths

Now that we’ve covered what no-code is, let’s go over what no-code isn’t. The most important thing to know about no-code is that it’s not the same as low-code. Low-code is still code, and can only deliver so much before reaching its limits. 

Much like no-code, low-code enables you to configure basic designs in a visual editor. But when building with low-code, all complex operations, data transformations, and legacy system integrations require code scripting. This makes it more difficult to create business logic using low-code. Unlike low-code, no-code platforms make it faster and easier to build complex applications. 

No-code is built for easily creating business flows on an entirely visual platform, saving time and expediting decision-making efforts. Legacy and modern integrations are also simplified with no-code, and you can perform complex data transformations without writing a single script. Compared to traditional low-code-based applications, which can take half a year to a year to complete, you can build functional no-code applications within 2-3 months. 

To clear up any other confusion, here are four of the biggest myths about no-code enterprise application development—and why they aren’t true.

1. “No-code platforms aren’t secure.”

Application security is critical now more than ever, but code-based apps are particularly vulnerable to web-based attacks. No-code platforms like Unqork leverage built-in security features, freeing you from combing through endless lines of code to try and spot attack vectors. 

At Unqork, we perform quarterly penetration testing, vulnerability monitoring, in-house application review, and annual SOC Type 2 examinations to assess platform security and shrink your attack surface. We also deploy routine security patches so you can spend more time working on value-adding projects and less time worrying about security.

Unqork meets the strictest data privacy and security standards, offering full encryption in transit and at rest and maintaining redundancy for service availability. The Unqork no-code platform also supports granular RBAC control to manage user permissions, create role and responsibility separations, and prevent accidental or malicious unauthorized changes.

2. “Only trained developers can build sophisticated applications”

Formal training is a necessary prerequisite for building enterprise software with code. You can enroll in a coding bootcamp or teach yourself to code using free tools, but you’re in for a long, difficult, and complicated journey either way. By contrast, no-code is built so anyone of any background can easily use and understand the platform. 

The logic, workflows, user journey, and user experience of no-code are simple to learn and comprehend. Unqork’s intuitive models and templates enable more people to create fully functional enterprise applications with little training required. With a diverse and talented team of Creators who can easily construct custom workflows, you can build more applications and offer more services that will set your enterprise apart.


Watch the demo above to see how easy it is to design data workflows with Unqork.

3. “No-code won’t get me to market faster”

When building with code, you have to go back and forth between different teams and departments before an application is ready to launch. This time-consuming process is also prone to miscommunication, which makes code-based app development notoriously frustrating. No-code helps streamline the application development process and shaves precious hours, days, and even months off of your development time

No-code platforms like Unqork offer centralized, easy-to-navigate UI and UX features that promote collaboration. Without having to go back and forth between enterprise leaders, all team members can work together at once and see changes reflected in real-time. This also makes rapid prototyping much easier. With these features (and more!), you can get to market 3x faster with a no-code application built with Unqork.

4. “No-code applications aren’t better than code-based applications”

If you’ve ever built an application with code, you probably spent a lot of energy worrying about whether or not changing a line would compromise your entire project. When you get bogged down in the minutiae of code and trying to find ways to make it work, you wind up neglecting your underlying business logic. At best, you can end up with an application that falls short of expectations. At worst, you can end up with a disjointed and confused project. 

With no-code, you can trust that it’s possible to bring your business idea to life—you just have to sort out how. By simplifying the application development process, no-code platforms enable you to focus on business challenges instead of technical challenges. This inspires innovation and lets your team focus on important, unique enterprise projects that expand business opportunities. You can also use fully functional no-code prototypes to gain substantive user and stakeholder feedback at all times in the development process. All of these features help you build better, stronger applications.

Ready to learn more?

No-code can take your enterprise web applications to the next level. But in order to make the most out of no-code, you need to have a firm understanding of what a no-code platform is and is not, as well as what no-code can do for your enterprise. The Unqork resource library is jam-packed with blog articles, webinars, and other resources that demystify no-code and demonstrate the power of the Unqork platform. Dig deeper into our resources to learn more, then schedule a personalized demonstration to see Unqork in action. 

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