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Feature in Focus: Advanced Search Functionality

Find your work and collaborate with colleagues faster, with a wider variety of items you can utilize to conduct a search.

The Unqork platform now boasts an expanded search feature to help Creators find what they need, faster. Before, search was limited to queries against element titles, leading Creators to frequently duplicate browser tabs and manually replace IDs within the URL to locate the items they need.

Expand your search functionality

Forget about duplicating browser tabs and copy and pasting long strings of IDs into a URL. 

Now you can collaborate faster with colleagues and contributors by sharing and searching for relevant element IDs directly in the platform. Search for those IDs (Modules, Workflows, Data Collections, Applications, and Workspaces) right from Quick Search or Advanced Search. 


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Find things by Module ID or Property ID 

Find yourself sifting through multiple workspaces and applications to locate that one componentyou just can’t seem to find—but know you’ve seen? 

Search has also been expanded to include the ability to locate a given component by introducing Property IDs into the surface area of search. This functionality has been added to the Advanced Search feature, allowing users to specify Property ID as a filter, and entering that ID directly into the search bar. This will allow users to easily find and locate their components throughout a given environment, making updates quicker.

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