Member Onboarding

Build custom workflows to gather data from new members and surface relevant services and care pathways.

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"The products we are developing with Unqork are supporting Maimonides’ drive towards a more modern, intuitive, and engaging patient experience while also improving efficiency in our internal operations."

Ken Gibbs, CEO

Unqork empowers payer organizations to rapidly build and effectively manage a centralized onboarding solution. Using Unqork, companies can automate data submission and verification processes via customizable member-facing digital hubs. Business logic can be easily configured and applied at scale, including the ability to leverage data to surface relevant benefits and care pathways.


Increased member satisfaction

Accelerate onboarding processes
and customize experiences


Reduced error rates

Remove unnecessary intermediation, reducing the potential for error when entering data


Lowered overhead costs

Automate high-volume administrative tasks

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Key Capabilities


Seamless integrations

Seamlessly and securely exchange the onboarding system with existing internal systems and external solutions (e.g., CRMS, identity verification, etc.)


Proactive NIGO notifications

Automatically identify any information that is Not In Good Order (NIGO) and proactively notify users with remediation processes


Machine-powered segmentation

Automatically segment members based on submitted data and match with tailored experiences and offerings


Member service matching

Automatically surface relevant products and services based on member information


Healthcare Payers + No-Code

Learn how no-code is accelerating digital transformation in healthcare for payers.

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