Unqork Migration Factory

Migrate For The Last Time

Unqork is proud to launch its Generative AI-powered Migration Factory with Rhino.ai. Our new Migration Factory substantially reduces the more than 80% of budget spent each year by IT organizations maintaining legacy applications, by allowing organizations to accelerate the migration of those legacy applications to Unqork’s future-proof codeless platform. Starting with PEGA, APPWAY, AWD and ServiceNow, these migrations will eliminate the need for unmanageable, expensive legacy systems and free organizations from the
burden of tech debt for good. 

Powered by Generative AI

How Unqork Migration Factory works


Automate extraction and conversion

Advanced Generative AI and Large Language Modeling (LLM) enables the automated extraction and deployment of workflows, schemas, data, integrations, and security roles. Once the extracts are loaded into Unqork, they are transformed into JSON documents, allowing for the generation of a modern and cloud-native full stack Unqork application. 


Optimize & extend

Once the logic and data are migrated to Unqork’s new Migration Factory, we  optimize, scale and extend the legacy applications’ CX, data model, and integrations, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and performance.


Future-proof and reduce costs

Easily maintain and secure all migrated legacy applications within Unqork's unified codeless platform, lowering TCO and increasing business agility.


Never migrate again

Unqork's codeless platform dramatically simplifies management across the SDLC. Build, manage, optimize, and secure all of your applications in a single future-proof environment that keeps your infrastructure, security, and technology stack up to date without the need to ever migrate again.  

Life after legacy

Free your organization from the tech debt created by legacy platforms, and eliminate the high, ongoing maintenance requirements and fundamental structural impediments to innovation that these legacy systems impose on your business.



The Unqork Advantage 

Exponentially lower TCO

Increased productivity 
for developers and SMEs contributing to app building

Lower maintenance costs 
by removing the need to manage and upgrade a sprawling code base

Unparalleled business agility

Speed to market 
improved dramatically with fewer business-to-tech iterations & component reusability

Scalability & flexibility
driven by modular architecture component reusability

Enterprise-grade security & governance

Embedded security
out of the box for every application built (FedRAMP certification, SOC2 Type 2, etc.)

Robust SDLC
integrated into your ecosystem and IDP systems for control, auditability, and scalability

The future of enterprise application development is Unqork

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