Ready to Create? Go Codeless

7 Ways Unqork Makes Development Awesomer

Developers, are you spending more and more time on the boring, repetitive stuff? You’re not alone. It takes longer to build an enterprise app than it did 10 years ago. And as you probably know, all that extra time isn't spent on the fun stuff!

Codeless Architecture changes that equation. A new, open-standard paradigm, it gets rid of cruft across the entire development lifecycle, from infrastructure planning to upgrades. 

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In the meantime, here's a  short list of the painful stuff that codeless can take off the plate. 

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1. Infrastructure planning & management

  No need to purchase or manage servers
  No dependencies to install
  No DNS to configure or URLs to hook up
  No manual management of scalability or availability

2. UI/Application development

 No need to need to master HTML/Javascript (or any code)
 No need to connect fields to databases
 No need to manually implement validations
 No need to manually build validation displays

3. Integrations

 No need to understand how to make requests or find libraries, codes, etc. 
 No need to create secure store for credentials
 No need to manually build out logic of multiple authentication type

4. Database management

 No need to set up databases or establish connectivity
No need to run commands to create or alter tables
No queries to write
 No time or effort to scale or manage availability

5. Security

 No manual setup of secure user authentication 
 No manual setup of secure data storage and encryption 
No manual setup for resiliency against cyber attacks

6. Deployment 

 One-click deployments and rollbacks
 No broken builds
 No time spent on managing builds

7. Upgrades

 Only upgrade your business logic
 No code changes when upgrading applications
No need to upgrade underlying tech as it evolves

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