Unqork for Health Plans

Accelerate application development and improve developer productivity via an intuitive, enterprise-grade platform that has been adopted widely across the Fortune 100


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Unqork is reimagining the application development process to transform how payer organizations approach member onboarding, benefit design, and case intake & management processes—all without writing a single line of code.

Accelerated time-to-market

With Unqork, carriers can bring applications from ideation to production in as little as 12 weeks, thereby staying ahead of regulatory and competitive dynamics

Increased flexibility

Tailor applications to fit business context, connect to the rest of the ecosystem, and meet payer-specific needs

Reduced bugs

Unqork empowers health plans to build comprehensive applications with 600x fewer defects than code/ low-code


Member Services + Codeless

Unqork's Member Services solution empowers healthcare insurance providers to rapidly build and effectively manage feature-rich member portals.

Simple Health

"We [all] must move faster to become more patient and customer-focused companies."

Carrie SiuButt, CEO

Health Plan Solutions


Member Services

Rapidly build and effectively manage feature-rich member portals

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Case Management & Navigation

Digitize case intake and optimize ongoing management with seamless integrations to external databases and services.

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Intelligent Utilization Management

Automate key PLM tasks at scale to accelerate processes, increase operational efficiencies, and enhance the provider experience.

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Automated Prior Authorizations

Rapidly build and effectively manage an automated prior authorization solution to facilitate the identification, submission, and tracking of prior authorizations

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Price Transparency

Enable member-specific price estimates with an integrated, consumer-friendly workflow that builds from your existing data assets and links to downstream systems to connect patients with the right care at the right time.


Client Onboarding & Lifecycle Management

Simplify and automate workflows and business logic to efficiently scale and serve your clients from intake to invoice.

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Maintain compliance standards across your organization

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