Unqork for Healthcare

Create incredible patient experiences
and reduce cost.

As a healthcare technology leader, building amazing patient-centric experiences while at the same time reducing costs probably seems like a pipe dream. However, there is no debate that patient demands will continue to increase and your legacy system isn’t going to upgrade itself. New healthcare models and regulations only further complicate these efforts.

Unqork simplifies the entire application development process with a platform that’s simple, integrated, and easy to use. With Unqork you can move away from complex IT projects and into a world of collaboration, rapid release cycles, and the flexibility to create software without having to write code.



Improve Quality

Improve patient experiences by surfacing relevant information at the right time, on the right device.


Move faster

Utilize every ounce of a limited IT budget to create, improve, and deploy digital experiences across your organization.


Reduce costs

Streamline operations and paper-based processes without creating massive IT projects.

Healthcare Software Development Use Cases


Claims Management

Help your patients manage their claims from a central, unified platform, regardless of which insurance provider they use.

Digital Health Connectivity

Create seamless digital experiences to help your patients communicate with their caretakers, check their test results, and update their medical histories.

Patient Care & Engagement

Facilitate patient-physician communication and capture real-time patient feedback across your entire organization.

Doctor Discovery

Help your patients find the right doctor or service provider for their specific health needs.


Give your physicians better transparency into their schedules while allowing your patients to book appointments from any device at their convenience.


Guide your visitors to their destinations through a digital building map. Make it easy for families and loved ones to find waiting rooms, parking lots, cafeterias, and more.

Welcome to the future of enterprise application development.

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