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Create incredible patient experiences
and reduce cost.

As a healthcare technology leader, building amazing patient-centric experiences while at the same time reducing costs probably seems like a pipe dream. However, there is no debate that patient demands will continue to increase and your legacy system isn’t going to upgrade itself. New healthcare models and regulations only further complicate these efforts.

Unqork simplifies the entire application development process with a platform that’s simple, integrated, and easy to use. With Unqork you can move away from complex IT projects and into a world of collaboration, rapid release cycles, and the flexibility to create software without having to write code.



Improve Quality

Improve patient experiences by surfacing relevant information at the right time, on the right device.


Move faster

Utilize every ounce of a limited IT budget to create, improve, and deploy digital experiences across your organization.


Reduce costs

Streamline operations and paper-based processes without creating massive IT projects.



Learn how no-code can transform clinical trials

Even before COVID-19 prompted an unprecedented rush for new vaccines and treatments, it was clear that many existing clinical trial processes were technologically outmoded. Now that the world is depending on the life sciences industry to take this virus out, these operational relics—with all their inherent inefficiencies—have come front and center.

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Healthcare Use Cases



  • Member Onboarding: Build custom workflows to gather data from members and incorporate business logic to surface benefits and care pathways.

  • Provider Search & Scheduling:Provide a simple, digital touchpoint for self-service appointment scheduling to drive member and physician satisfaction while improving your bottom line.

  • Benefit Design: Create rules engine with company-specific algorithms to manage coverage (networks, COEs), cost sharing (preauthorization, copays), and other key dimensions.

  • Case Management: Establish and manage your organization's case management needs with a digital experience that includes the coordination of case intake, ongoing management & maintenance, and serves as a conduit to external data and services.

  • Real-time Claims Adjudication: Automate business logic and workflows to identify, correct and validate claims to quickly and flexibly scale adjudication


  • Clinical Decision Support: Create digital workflows with business logic to trigger patient and provider actions, reviews and alerts.

  • Patient/Provider Portal: Establish the digital front door of your organization, integrating legacy systems and existing clinical and business workflows.
  • Scheduling: Provide a simple, digital touchpoint for self-service appointment scheduling to drive patient and physician satisfaction.

  • Telemedicine: Integrate your point solutions into a central patient- and/or clinician-facing portal, or employ a headless architecture to orchestrate data integration to existing organizational applications.

Life Sciences

  • Study Startup and Site Onboarding: Build tailored onboarding systems for sponsors to rapidly survey sites for feasibility information and link to downstream applications,

  • Trial Monitoring/Source Document Verification:Digitize monitoring workflows for data review, patient recruitment, site evaluation, and other processes, and incorporate next-generation technologies including automated scanning and NLP-driven redaction.

  • Patient Services Hub: Create a comprehensive patient experience / portal for diabetes (or other TA) patients, including coordination with external systems and services, to support medication adherence and disease management.

  • Regulatory Operations: Codify and create end-to-end business processes to manage planning and compliance across a multitude of global stakeholders.

  • Digital Provider Collaboration: Build a portal to integrate and manage all Medical Affairs interactions with healthcare providers, including integration of data from CRM as well as intake tools

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