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Unqork helps governments innovate licensing, permitting, and regulatory workflows, virtualize in-person services and conduct complex case management.


Improve Quality

Deliver better experiences to your residents and build a best-in-class user interface without having to hire expensive developers


Move Faster

Create enterprise-grade integrations without the need for scripting, get to market faster and with more confidence


Reduce Costs

Eliminate overhead from legacy code and quickly make changes without having to involve expensive engineers or architects


Learn how no-code can transform the public sector

Citizens now expect their governments to deliver seamless digital experiences, just like their favorite consumer apps and enterprise software. In the following eBook, we'll explain how no-code platforms can help public institutions create seamless digital experiences and explore the many benefits of no-code for the public sector.




Jessica Tisch, Commissioner of DoITT and Citywide CIO

“In just a few days, the Unqork platform helped us deploy applications to address a wide spectrum of needs — from health impacts, to hunger, to PPE for healthcare workers on the front lines."


Muriel Bowser​, Washington, DC, Mayor

"The Support Hub allows us to deliver food, personal hygiene products, and other essentials to those in need. By working together, we will flatten the curve and keep our residents safe.”


Kathryn Garcia, NYC's “Food Czar” and DSNY Commissioner

“With Unqork, we were able to deploy a system in under three days. We mobilized quickly and delivered over 2 million meals while putting thousands of TLC-licensed drivers back to work.”


Watch our webinar on virtualizing public services

Learn how Unqork’s Virtualization of Government Services Application enables the rapid development of custom resident experiences for each of your validation processes without writing code. Using Unqork, government agencies can create sophisticated multi-step workflows in days or weeks, instead of months or years. 

Watch the webinar


Government Use Cases





Rent Relief

A turnkey solution to help state and local agencies manage federal aid for rental housing assistance.

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Economic Development

Create flexible digital solutions to provide efficient services to the private sector and grow your local economy.

Business Licensing and Permitting
Business Incorporation





Health & Human Services

Digitize case management processes, referrals, and virtual services to efficiently deliver aid to families in need.






Replace paper forms and manual processes with digital applications that geolocate, log, and record inspections.





Housing Project Management

Digitize complex workflows to manage your project portfolio from kick-off through delivery and bring all stakeholders into the process.





Food & Supply Delivery

Deliver crucial supplies by connecting dist. centers, local businesses, and transportation companies in a unified application.

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Virtual Public Services

Build seamless experience to digitize in-person processes from ID verification, to scheduling, to fee payment, and more. 

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Online Marriage Licenses

Create an end-to-end marriage application and license platform to fully bring your marriage license process online.

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Covid Management Hub

Deploy a centralized repository for Covid-19 information gathering, critical communications, and response management.

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Law Enforcement

Connect residents with services from relevant agencies, and allow law enforcement officers to focus on public safety and crime reduction.

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Human Resources Promotions

Transform your HR Performance Management System through web-based interfaces tailored for resources evaluations for all employees.





Funeral Director

Digitize workflows including licensee validation, removal appointments, and generation & processing of removal affidavits.


Contract Vehicles

Unqork is available for procurement via the following contract vehicles. If your preferred vehicle isn't listed, please contact us as there are many more contracts in progress.

NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Contract

Contract #: AR2472

Reseller / Subcontractor: Carahsoft

End Date: 9/16/2026

Unqork is available through the Carahsoft NASPO ValuePoint contract vehicle as of June 26, 2020.


Group A Other Than Small: NNG15SC03B

Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B

Reseller / Subcontractor: Carahsoft

End Date: 5/01/2025

The NASA SEWP V GWAC provides the latest IT products and product-based services for all Federal Agencies. 


DUNS 081276012


NAICS 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 518210


Government Partners

Unqork has partnered with systems integrators, project management organizations, global consulting shops and local MWBE firms to enable the seamless configuration and rollout of applications in an ever expanding list of state and local jurisdictions.

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