Unqork for Government

Keep pace with the demands
of the new digital citizens.

Life as a technology leader in government has never been more challenging. On the one hand, citizens are demanding streamlined, sophisticated digital experiences while on the other hand you need to support the functionality of dated legacy systems. Antiquated paper-based processes can make this transition even more challenging. Hiring more staff helps, but it’s not a sustainable solution.

Unqork simplifies the entire government application development process with a platform that’s simple, integrated, and easy to use. With Unqork you can move from idea to working application in weeks, while simultaneously reducing the costs of legacy upgrades and maintenance.


Improve Quality

Deliver better citizen experiences and build a best-in-class user interface without having to hire expensive developers.


Move faster

Improve your ability to integrate with legacy systems by using intuitive, visual tools.


Reduce costs

Eliminate the overhead associated with legacy code and maintenance.

Government Application Development Use Cases


Public Safety

Secure, rapid deployment of applications to manage critical incident response, community engagement, inspections, risk management, internal operations and other processes. Integrate with or enhance legacy systems, digitize existing workflows, and improve communications.

Infrastructure & Operations

Digitize the most complex internal and external workflows, from asset and project management to field maintenance, licensing, and inspections. Manage your project portfolio from kick-off through delivery and bring all stakeholders into the process: owners, contractors, not-for-profit partners, and anyone else you need to get the job done.

Economic Development

Reach budding entrepreneurs directly with elegant flexible applications for business formation;  loan and grant applications; tax, energy and other incentives; licensing, certifications and any other process you need to grow your local economy.


Automate compliance, inspection, and reporting workflows; replace paper applications; and engage residents, owners, developers to digitize project management and other processes critical to maintaining and growing your housing stock.

Health & Human Services

Deliver a seamless digital experience for community members; not-for-profit partners; city, state, and federal agencies and other stakeholders for benefits eligibility and administration; case management; licensing, inspections, permitting, compliance and the entire service delivery lifecycle.  


Foster improved learning outcomes with content management, integrated classrooms, and parent communications. Improve back office processes with personnel management, student records, asset tracking, scheduling, and enrollment, all built to fit your needs.

Welcome to the future of enterprise application development.

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