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eBook: DevOps to the Power of No-Code

DevOps are the guardians of the tech infrastructure, and we at Unqork understand it’s a tough job. We’re here to empower DevOps to evolve beyond complex, antiquated ways and move more efficiently through visual development.

Unqork’s goal is to amplify DevOps’ successes across the enterprise by mitigating the risk of moving fast, minimizing friction between IT operations and development, and enabling change at the speed of business. 

Unqork Makes DevOps Easy

Unqork provides businesses with the means to rapidly develop enterprise-grade software without writing a single line of code. Unqork’s no-code platform comes out-of-the-box (or out-of-the-virtual-SaaS-box) with configurable modules and components that can be readily manipulated within a completely visual UI.

This streamlining of development leads to improved collaboration as teams can rapidly build functional prototypes, so stakeholders can provide assurances that projects meet business needs early in the process, rather than after months of development. The same acceleration in initial builds is also applicable later in the process, so teams can flexibly evolve projects around changing requirements.

Our vision at Unqork is to provide a pure no-code platform that lets you design, integrate, and manage your digital infrastructure without ever touching a codebase. As a new platform user (we like to refer to you as “Creators”), you will have elevated value across your DevOps function. 

Traditionally teams have had to weigh the importance of Time, Money, and Quality and decide which one(s) would inevitably have to be sacrificed in service of the others. With Unqork, you can hit all three main value propositions without compromise:

Build Faster

Visual development empowers teams to build complex applications 3x faster than code/low-code solutions, driving speed-to-market over your competitors.

Improve Quality

The Unqork platform can deliver 99.9% uptime with 600x fewer defects than commercial-grade software.

Reduce Costs

Your company can reduce the cost of initial builds, overhead, and ongoing legacy maintenance resulting in 3x cost savings vs. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for code/low-code enterprise software.

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