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Fed Hub Architecture

Unqork Government has achieved Federal Risk & Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®) Authority to Operate at the Moderate Impact Level, giving agencies the ability to confidently and securely develop applications on Unqork’s revolutionary codeless platform. 

Unqork on the FedRAMP Marketplace

Unqork Government Cloud

Unqork Government Cloud offers a codeless approach to software development that is up to 3x faster than low-code/no-code solutions. Unqork enables agencies to rapidly integrate systems, orchestrate & automate complex mission-critical processes, and deliver modern user-friendly experiences while complying with strict security & compliance mandates. Customers leverage the power of Unqork to build end-to-end workflows, robust case management systems, and achieve true digital transformation across the enterprise 

Digital government use cases

Unqork’s Codeless Architecture enables you to address challenges far faster and more efficiently than traditional code-based approaches. Here are some of the top use cases you can use to deliver value.

Ethics Management (EM)

Ethics officials and CIOs waste precious resources manually tracking forms and documentation, even as demand continues to increase. Agencies are looking for ways to accelerate and automate processes, while flexibly adjusting to evolving requirements. 

  • Rapidly secure, scalable workflows
  • Generate PDFs and easily integrate SharePoint to eliminate email 
  • Use DocuSign or Adobe Sign for PIV-enabled digital signatures 
  • Generate semi-annual reports
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Risk Management (RM)

Many agencies are held back from modernization because of the difficulty in securing authority to operate (ATO). Built in partnership with VRTL Space, Unqork’s continuous ATO (cATO) solution automates the end-to-end ATO process. 

  • Provide real-time visibility to leadership
  • Enhance collaboration 
  • Proactively target critical vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize lower-priority threats

Case Management

With a centralized, digital case management hub, agencies can drive improved outcomes while significantly decreasing administrative burden. In addition, agencies can quickly adapt case management processes to meet constantly evolving rules and regulations. 

  • Rapid consolidation of systems and data
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and silos
  • Fully customizable look-and-feel
  • Easy management of reasonable accommodations 
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Human Capital Management

Programs like EEO compliance and employee onboarding can be arduous and manual. Unqork’s Human Capital Management solutions automate manual processes, improve collaboration among stakeholders, and increase overall flexibility.

  • Simplified legacy integrations & optimized workflow orchestration
  • Seamless e-signature
  • Real-time analytics & automated reporting
  • End-to-end training management

Security and compliance

Security and compliance are non-negotiables for government agencies. Unqork leverages stringent controls and protocols to deliver a multi-tiered defense you can trust.

We work with AICPA-certified third-party auditors to maintain security compliance with SOC 2 Type II and mandated standards like HIPAA. And our platform is also designed to support privacy regulations such as the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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The codeless difference

Integrate complex, disparate systems & data

  • Visually integrate all of your systems regardless of source or type to achieve a 360-view of your business 
  • Deploy re-usable industry-focused accelerators and third-party integrations to accelerate builds

Automate complex, high-stakes workflows

  • Increase productivity by automating complex, cross-functional workflows
  • Use RBAC-based swimlanes to orchestrate workflows across internal teams, clients, and service providers

Brand high-quality digital experiences at scale

  • Deploy consumer-grade experiences to attract and delight your customers
  • Gain scalability with reusable UI templates and the flexibility to leverage custom styling where needed

Minimize risks with enterprise-grade security

  • Ensure SDLC governance, and that security, roles, and permissions meet enterprise standards
  • Comply with Soc 2 Type II and Privacy Shield standards


Lower costs

  • Use 3x fewer development resources
  • Lower ownership costs and complexity 
  • Reduce TCO by 65%

Accelerated development

  • 10x increase in developer productivity
  • 600x fewer bugs
  • 3x faster time to market

Open-standard approach

  • Your IP is portable & upgradable
  • Use compliant tools of your choice
  • Cloud-agnostic platform

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