Covid-19 Management Hub

Collect real-time data from residents, businesses, and public agencies; keep people informed; and route food, supplies, and services to meet the full spectrum of public needs

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Built hand-in-hand with the City of New York, Unqork’s Covid-19 Management Hub is a centralized repository for information gathering, critical communications, and response management. Improve situational awareness, provide targeted and group-based communications, and connect vulnerable residents with needed food, supplies, and services.


Collect and automate real-time tracking of Covid-19 risk through a centralized communications hub to ensure consistent messaging


Connect residents to a network of transportation companies to facilitate food delivery, and react to changing needs with frequent updates to surveys, data visualizations, and management tools


Coordinate multi-agency response and dispatch efforts within a single operations dashboard

Quickly adapt and launch

The Covid-19 Management Hub was developed using Unqork’s enterprise no-code platform, which enables the configuration of secure software without having to write code. It can be ready within just a few days of your jurisdiction’s decision to deploy, and customized for your unique needs. Easily integrate with your existing systems, including emergency management, zoning, police precincts and quickly incorporate modular components for case management, inspections, benefits, and more.

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Securely collect and manage resident information

Gather critical resident information and keep it continuously up-to-date. Collect resident information with a comprehensive, secure survey. Respondents decide what they want to share--symptoms, quarantine status, address, demographic information--or just an email address and a zip code. Keep information up-to-date with anonymous access codes.


Keep citizens abreast of the latest information

Keep residents informed with the most up-to-date information. Deliver responses based on submitted information (symptomatic, tested positive, tested negative, quarantined, etc). Communicate via automated, segmented communications across channels (text, email, calls) and maintain contact with persons affected by Covid-19.

NYC Dashboard Desktop

Deliver food and supplies to highest need residents

Analyze submitted data to more efficiently deliver targeted services (food, medicine, & other essentials) to those in need. Assess needs based on flexible criteria. Collect meal requirements, dietary restrictions, and place orders. Seamlessly connect with a variety of procurement and delivery mechanisms based on your city’s specific needs. Manage your food hubs all from one place.

Our NYC impact by the numbers

Food Delivery Solution



PPE Donation Solution

Resident Engagement

Communications Playbook

Unqork will provide and help implement a communications playbook to ensure cities/states maximize awareness and resident engagement of the COVID-19 Management Hub.

This playbook will include customized recommendations and a tool kit with: compelling calls to action, tactics to leverage state/city websites, a detailed earned media campaign,  paid online campaign recommendations and messaging, a plan to leverage key influencers, and more.


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Feature details



Publish a voluntary registration survey to collect information on your residents’ Covid-19 exposure, risk, and infection status. Enable distributed phone-based operators to update information on residents’ behalf. 


Data visualization

Identify and better address your most vulnerable, high-risk communities facing severe hardship caused by the virus.


Data overlays

Overlay 3rd party data such as Medicaid enrollment & risk assessment scores to analyze and compare your community’s data.



Send real-time targeted messaging (text, email, & calls) based on segmented groups (i.e. geography region, age, custom zones).


Service delivery management

Incorporate service delivery management, from health & wellness to meals, transportation and other basic needs. 


Communications playbook

Unqork provides and helps implement a communications playbook to ensure cities/states maximize awareness and resident engagement of the COVID-19 Management Hub.

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