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Subtle Asian Qorks

Our mission is to explore and celebrate the Asian experience with cultures that are just as unique as they are shared. At Subtle Asian Qorks, we want to empower our community to succeed professionally and personally in a diverse and equitable workplace. 

We do this by cultivating an open minded and accepting safe space where we can learn and discuss current issues, create events that celebrate our diverse cultures (and foods!), and run programs that advocate and promote fellowship, career, and personal development.

If you have any questions or would like the be an SAQ ambassador, please reach out to any of the SAQ 2022 leads. 


Celebrate AAPI Month, 2022 with us!

Tues, May 17th @4PM EST: Virtual Boba History & Making Class (sign-ups closed)
Wed, May 18th @4:30PM EST: SAQ at Unqork Standup! 
Wed, May 25th @5:30PM EST: Cooking Class with Abhi—Learn How to Make Palak Paneer
Thurs, May 26th @1PM EST: SAQ Guest Speaker Series—Fireside Chat with COBA Coffee Bar Founder 
Date and Time TBD: SAQ Guest Speaker Series—Fireside Chat with GoldenDao Founders
Date and Time TBD: SAQ Mentorship Program Kickoff

What does being part of your ERSG mean to you?

Roselynn Chang

Roselynn Chang

SAQ means building a strong community at Unqork, creating a space to educate others on gaps our community face, and providing personal and career development opportunities to help each other grow in the areas that we want to grow in ❤️

Eddy Yu

Being a part of SAQ means advocating for diversity and inclusion for everybody, not just people who look similar to me. With personal and career development as our focal points this year, I can use my personal experiences to further educate/help other individuals

Eddy Yu
Abhinav Singhal

Abhinav Singhal

Being part of SAQ means fostering a culture of growing and learning from community and helping each other within professional as well as in community space