Unqork for Insurance

To grow, insurance companies must deliver innovative products and new approaches to engage customers. However, rapidly building new applications on top of legacy systems while simultaneously adapting to constant regulatory changes is just not possible. As a result, opportunities are missed in "the long walk" between product ideation and revenue generation.

Unqork acts as your front door to distribution and customers, as well as accepting orders and servicing requests. This applies across all product lines for Life, Annuities, Retirement, Accident, and P&C Consumer, Commercial and Specialty.

Deliver amazing distribution experiences

Improve your carrier distribution relationships, engage directly with your customer, compete on service and move away from manual, paper-based, and error prone processes.

Get new products to market faster

Build complex applications without a single line of code. Accelerate the application development process with a visual interface across all elements of the application development stack.

Reduce complexity and maintenance costs

Most organizations spend at least half of their IT budgets on legacy system maintenance. Unlock this value with an application that’s much easier to maintain.


"Unqork's special genius is fixing the insurance issuance process."

Tim Ash, Founder

Use Cases


Product Selection

Move away from today’s manual process. Collect consumer information and replicate existing manual rules, glide the customer through the product shopping process.


Today’s process involves an intrusive, disparate, and generally led by human interactions. Move to a fully digital process that feeds into a centralized rating engine.


Move away from siloed illustration capabilities from the rest of your business. Seamlessly integrate with the entire organization.

Policy Issuance

Build a simple, easy to use front end for today’s disparate policy admin, document creation systems, and billing systems so you can easily generate policy documents and set up accounts in your systems of record.


Build a front-door into your money in/out processes, beneficiary updates, claims notification and other common servicing tasks.

Automated Error Resolution

Manual forms are slow and prone to errors and a lot of back and forth. Digitize paper, feed it into the Unqork application, and check errors on the fly in real-time.

Welcome to the future of enterprise application development.

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