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How Okta + Unqork Reimagine the Member Experience

In this Tech Talk for healthcare, see how Unqork’s no-code capabilities & Okta’s identity and access management (IAM) expertise help payers transform their member experiences.

In a recent Tech Talk, Adam Crown (Group Product Marketing Manager, Healthcare Solutions, Okta) and Ben Sacchetti (Client Partner, Healthcare, Unqork) discuss how Unqork’s no-code capabilities coupled with Okta’s identity and access management (IAM) platform help health plans rapidly—and cost-effectively—reimagine the member experience.

“When we talk with healthcare CIOs today, they’re ultimately balancing their legacy technology with ‘How do we move faster and reduce our costs?’” Adam explains. Adam dives into the competencies health plans need to tap into to achieve this (and better serve their members):

  • Meet interoperability & transparency mandates

  • Integrate with new healthcare technologies

  • Embrace value-based payment models

  • Make use of analytics and AI/ML

  • Personalize the member experience—critical for health plans to win business

Legacy technology will make hitting these initiatives difficult. “[Members are] ultimately having to go to many different applications. They have many different usernames, many different passwords. They’re required to put in the same data they just did in another application because it’s a fractured environment,” says Adam. Not necessarily the cutting-edge applications patients are looking for.

Thankfully, there is a solution. “At the center of this universe is identity. [Okta] can take that problem and tie one member to one profile that can access everything through a single point of entry through this concept of single sign-on.”

Okta’s identity and access management platform also offers a higher level of security through multi-factor authentication (MFA), which can be leveraged by payers to protect sensitive patient data—while providing the digital services today’s engaged patients require. But what about the customization aspect looming over the heads of health plan providers?

Ben explains, “It’s really difficult for the employer to customize the experience for their members who say, ‘I want service A, B and C, but not D. And for service A, I want this specific vendor versus that specific vendor.’ Well, if those partnerships and connections aren’t already predone, it’s very difficult for the health plan to facilitate that kind of customized member experience for that employer in a seamless, cost effective, and timely way.” 

Thankfully, the iterative nature of Unqork’s no-code application building platform enables seamless personalization—it’s as easy as dragging and dropping complex workflows and integrations. It also provides a unified experience for the customer, as everything is in one portal.

Okta is a key integration partner with Unqork, as their single sign-on and IAM capabilities are a necessity for any application building the modern member experience


Watch Ben demo a customized member services portal in action.

Okta is a key integration partner with Unqork, as their single sign-on and IAM capabilities are a necessity for any application building the modern member experience.

Click here to watch the full webinar to learn more about the trends catalyzing digital transformation in healthcare, as well as a deeper look into the Unqork-Okta flow.

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