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Configure feature-rich software in a completely visual environment.

Configure using a vast array of components built to support even the most complex logic. Components can be interactive, display information, or construct layouts.

Arrange using a drag and drop interface to organize the user experience. Specify its settings within a configuration window full of intuitive fields dictating individual behaviors.

Automatically generate a fully responsive UI that works on any device with your own branding and styles; identify and implement changes and improvements rapidly.


Visually build and control complex application logic.

Orchestrate business logic across internal and external users, create and automate server-side execution for more complex tasks.

Visually build  complex routes throughout your application. Define business logic flows and string together modules, and communicate with third parties. Communicate with third parties or workflow participants, pause the workflow until they finish their work.

Implement role control and handoffs across your application logic, maintain consistency as defined by company-wide data permissions. Assign complex tasks to be completed server-side to improve application performance and security.



Leverage a deep library of industry specific templates.



Build with complete database freedom and flexibility.

Implicitly define a data model as you build or augment pre-existing models designed in the platform. Store data in flexible, JSON-like documents, meaning fields can vary from document to document and data structure can be changed over time, or work from and enforce a defined schema for data integrity.

Track data at the user and field levels and contextualize it with external data providers.

Seamlessly move data into a structured environment compatible with many popular BI and analytics platforms such as Tableau, Excel, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik.



Easily integrate with legacy systems and transform data.

Pull in data from legacy systems, transform, and map into your application. All in a completely visual environment, all without having to write a single line of code.

Manipulate complex data structures and streamline data transformations using a drag-and-drop visual tool. Combine all of power of Excel and SQL based data manipulations using the same, easy, drag and drop framework.

Load datasets directly into the platform to pull into data transformations or custom calculations. Automatically ingest physical or electronic paper and convert into usable, machine-readable data.


Take control of your software development process.

Preserve a history of changes and environments to fit your workflow, and maintain security standards across your enterprise.

Maintain all historical versions of your application’s logic, fields, and configuration; compare differences; and search and restore from a full historical version history.

Move tasks along within a standard software workflow and maintain development environments across staging, UAT, and production. 

Integrate with your existing enterprise SSO provider using Unqork’s embedded OIDC/SAML capabilities. Manage roles and permissions for both application creators and users.



Stay on top of your application's performance.

Monitor, troubleshoot, and take control of your user experience. Customize your own dashboards based on robust, structured application logging. Integrate with your preferred incident response system. 

Proactively monitor your user experience, gain end-to-end visibility, and solve performance issues.

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