P&C Product Launcher

Rapidly launch new products and evaluate risk at scale by automating the underwriting process from intake to bind via a single, integrated platform

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Unqork’s P&C Product Launcher transforms and accelerates your underwriting process from intake to bind by combining a product manager, broker/customer portal, and underwriter workbench in one integrated platform. With Unqork’s flexible no-code architecture, carriers can launch new products and digitize existing ones that address their exact needs.


Accelerated product launches

Launch new products in as little as 12 weeks with streamlined development, automated intake, and a built-in underwriter workstation


Increased underwriter capacity

Automate manual tasks and streamline the underwriting process to free up underwriters to focus on new business opportunities


Improved flexibility

Align your systems to fit your products and processes (not vice-versa)


"...a minimum of three times faster and three times less expensive [than traditional methods]."

James McGlennon, CIO

Key Capabilities


Launch new products

Rapidly stand up and customize products by leveraging Unqork’s Product Manager to bring together the intake requirements, rating engine, and document creation—without writing a single line of code


Digital intake

Create broker-powered, client-led, or self-service workflows that are directly connected to the Underwriter Workbench, resulting in a seamless underwriting experience


Underwriter Workbench

Leverage a unified workspace for underwriters to rate, quote, and bind business, boosting accuracy, quote turnaround times, and visibility


Streamlined integrations

Leverage pre-configured integrations with leading insurtechs, including DocuSign, Dun & Bradstreet, and Coherent, to accelerate intake, automate clearance, digitize rating, and streamline quote, binder, and policy issuance


Pixel-perfect UI

Customizable experience styled to your brand guidelines


Digital dynamic workflows

Orchestrate dynamic workflows including assignment, registration, referrals, and more across multiple products and geographies

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Success Story

A top-20 P&C specialty carrier built a modern intake-to-bind process in just 14 weeks

A top-20 P&C carrier was looking to reimagine its expensive, high-touch process, which led to slow turnaround times, low UW productivity, and poor broker transparency. Seeking to create a richer UW experience and digitize intake-bind operations, the firm used Unqork to develop an end-to-end digital solution for one of its business units. The solution enabled next-generation workstation capabilities, streamlined onboarding & maintenance, and enabled scalable back-office capabilities. The solution has been fully integrated with 12 different APIs, including rating, systems of record, document management/generation, and third-party services such as Dun & Bradstreet, Okta, and DocuSign.


Number of weeks to go from idea to production


Decrease in development resources compared to traditional development approaches


Total integrations across third-party and internal systems


Weeks of training involved for the client team to take over product backlog development


Lines of business included

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