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"Unqork’s enterprise codeless platform has been a great technology partner for us on our digitization journey"

—Louis Piliego, COO, Marsh

"The products we are developing with Unqork are supporting Maimonides’ drive towards a more modern, intuitive, and engaging patient experience while also improving efficiency in our internal operations"

—Ken Gibbs, CEO, Maimonides

"We had issues in the middle of our process. We were saddled with tech debt from legacy systems that we just couldn't scale. We couldn't get it to work together. So when you articulated that's what [Unqork does], we’re like 'In! We'll partner. Let's grow together.'"

—Amy Friedrich, President - US Insurance Solutions, Principal Financial Group

"...a minimum of three times faster and three times less expensive [than traditional methods]”

—James McGlennon, CIO, Liberty Mutual Insurance

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