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The largest opportunity in enterprise technology

Large enterprises spend almost $1.5 trillion annually to build and service custom software. Yet the vast majority of these projects fail - they miss requirements, deadlines, and often aren't delivered at all. Why? Complexity. Large projects have bloated into a confusing world of tools, specialized skills, and, most importantly, code. Removing this complexity would help projects move faster, improve quality, and lower costs.

Sources: Gartner, BCG


Unqork has reimagined the application platform

Unqork removes this complexity. Rather than relying on the need for code to translate business logic into an application, Unqork lets you design and build complex, fully functional applications using an intuitive visual interface. The result? You can build industrial-strength applications with the speed, simplicity, and cost effectiveness just not possible with today’s tools.

Our Team

With a collective 200+ years leading transformative technology initiatives at Fortune 100 companies, the Unqork team has been where you are and seen what you see. We launched Unqork intent on not only improving the productivity of businesses and employees, but to fundamentally change the way enterprises build, deploy, and manage custom applications.




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We lead our clients with the art of the possible. We embrace the unknown. We never slow down.



We have a positive attitude and believe we will win. We approach challenges with an enthusiastic spirit.



We are successful because of our varied backgrounds, capabilities, and experiences.



We draw strength from our collaborations. We contribute outside our specialities and never say “that’s not my job.”


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We thrive on our clients’ success. We are driven by our desire to change the way the industry creates software.

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