Account Servicing

Digitize and automate common servicing tasks like account changes, AML/KYC, and transaction monitoring.

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Unqork’s Wealth Management Account Servicing Solution allows wealth management firms to digitize their servicing processes without having to go through lengthy “off-the shelf” customizations or build their own software from scratch. 


Accelerated turnaround times

Hasten servicing times to drive improved customer experience and retention.


Improved client experience

Deliver self-service capabilities across devices to minimize time on administrative tasks.


Eliminated manual tasks

Dramatically improve advisor productivity and minimize manual work.


“Impressive and powerful. It’s an extremely scalable, thoughtful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use piece of technology.”

Sarah Shenton, Goldman Sachs

Additional Capabilities



Integrate with third party services such as Plaid, Salesforce, and DocuSign and internal systems including account master and pricing engine.



Create a seamless workflow across all areas of your organization for specialized assessments, diligence, and approvals.


Digitized Processes

Streamline data collection and application process in a fully digital, self-service environment, digitize data collection rather than paper forms and faxes.



Recommend products based on risk profile & regions and calculating portfolio risk; Customize experience based on triggers such as sales channel, region, client preferences, products and regulations.



Support seamless KYC, regulatory assessments, and other due diligence.




Calculations & Logic

Incorporate bespoke business logic to avoid offline spreadsheets and manual analysis; streamline the application process with reflexive questions.


Digitize your client lifecycle through no-code

Watch our Head of Wealth Management, Sumit Malhotra, speak with Wealth and Asset Management Client Director Paul Larkin about how no-code platforms are helping firms overcome challenges with legacy systems.

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A global asset manager rapidly built an application to automate high-volume servicing tasks.

An asset manager faced operational risk and losses due to a highly manual, email-based cash flow servicing process. With Unqork, the firm developed a self-service app digitizing their cash servicing process with omnichannel access for clients and operations. The new automated workflow enabled the firm to submit transaction requests, set approvers based on thresholds, and automatically route transactions for execution. This gave the firm complete visibility into cash management key KPIs/metrics and a full audit trail of all transactions.

  • Speed-to-market in 16 weeks on time and on-budget from ideation to production with only 5 resources

  • Streamlined cash flow servicing requests
    resulting in positive client experience

  • Improved cost structure by digitizing the
    processing and approval of cash activities

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