Virtual Government Services

Government services that have historically been conducted in-person must be virtualized to safely and efficiently serve constituencies during and after the pandemic.

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Unqork’s Virtual Government Services Application enables the rapid development of custom resident experiences for each of your validation processes without writing code. Using Unqork, government agencies can create sophisticated multi-step workflows in days or weeks, instead of months or years.

Unlike previous generations of government technology, Unqork’s Virtual Government Services Application is the first unified platform that brings the entire resident journey into one seamless digital experience.


Speed to Market

Identity validation, video conferencing, e-document signatures, and more can be deployed immediately


Reliable Delivery

Proven methodology ensures that applications are delivered quickly according to agency needs


Safety and Compliance

Ensure that agency missions are not compromised and the public is protected while many processes are stalled or disallowed.


“In just a few days, the Unqork platform helped us deploy applications to address a wide spectrum of needs — from health impacts, to hunger, to PPE for healthcare workers on the front lines."

Jessica Tisch, DoITT Commissioner

Additional Capabilities

Workflow Optimization

Build dynamic multi-step workflows for key stakeholder groups

Dashboard and Analytics

In-product dashboarding gives your stakeholders full visibility into their licensing pipelines, high-level KPIs, process bottlenecks, and more


Enterprise Integrations

Incorporate SSO and SAML functionality, and create enterprise-grade integrations with legacy systems, payment processors, calendars, and many more 3rd party data capabilities


Obtain signatures electronically and generate digital documents by integrating with popular third-party services such as DocuSign


Video Conferencing

Incorporate seamless video conferencing into your applications to validate original proofs of identity


No-Code Flexibility

Unqork’s no-code platform makes changing applications based on evolving regulations or resident demand a simple drag and drop exercise


Learn how no-code can transform the public sector

Citizens now expect their governments to deliver seamless digital experiences, just like their favorite consumer apps and enterprise software. Learn how no-code platforms can help public institutions do just that. In the following eBook, we'll cover: why creating seamless digital experiences for citizens is more important than ever and the benefits of no-code for the public sector.

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Marriage Licensing
"Project Cupid"

Using Unqork, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) and the Office of the City Clerk launched “NYC Cupid,” an Unqork application that digitizes affidavits, automates identity verification, enables online payments, schedules digital appointments with clerks, facilitates video conferences, manages e-signatures, and generates official licenses.

This application was developed in days, from ideation to production.

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