Unqork’s Workforce Resilience & Risk Management Application

Make data-driven decisions based on company risk and liability to safely manage office reopening.

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To safely manage office reopenings, company leaders must make decisions based on the most up-to-date internal and external data.

For organizations operating on a global scale, managing individual worksite reopenings without a digital solution would not only require a huge investment in time and resources, it would lead to subjective decisions that could open the door to liability.

Unqork’s Workforce Resilience & Risk Management Application is designed to flexibly implement your organization’s unique reopening framework.

The application allows for the creation of bespoke, auditable risk management processes to fit specific operational needs.

Office-level managers can submit risk assessments through the application, which will be integrated with COVID-19 infection data (both public and private, national and local) to generate location-specific risk scores that will inform reopening decisions and office capacity thresholds as well as downstream operations, such as facilities, budgeting, and employee communications.

This application provides a detailed and fully auditable digital trail, so your organization will have complete visibility into what data was used, who signed off on each decision, and what capacity threshold was allowed for each office.

Key Benefits




Rapid Response:  Respond immediately to regulatory changes without long development times.





Reduce risk:  Minimize manual errors and overall risk by collaborating within Unqork.


  Increase Automation: Develop enterprise grade integrations to existing systems and data sources without writing code.


  Increase Safety: Create a safer and more controlled workplace for all of your employees.

Key Capabilities


Health Check

Survey employees for health data related to exposure, and quarantine status to support your contact tracing efforts


Risk Management

Access internal and external data to generate office-level risk ratings to inform reopening efforts and capacity thresholds


Communications Hub

Send messages to employees and provide detail on plans to maintain workforce safety




Management Control

Build multi-step workflows to support custom structured processes for key stakeholder groups


Enterprise Integrations

Configure HR systems for tracking of sick days, short-term disability documentation, and more


No-Code Flexibility

Unqork’s no-code platform makes changing applications based on evolving government regulation a visual configuration exercise

Product Features



Build dynamic data collection, approval, and review workflows for each of your stakeholder groups.


Global Mapping Capabilities

Generate a map overlaying risk scores with COVID-19 data from the CDC, Johns Hopkins, and other reputable sources.


Management Dashboards

Build dashboards, data overlays, and detailed reporting on key metrics to get a clear snapshot of current risk globally.



Get full visibility into all of your reopening decisions with a comprehensive audit dashboard.


Top Global Risk-Mitigation Firm

Without a custom software solution for managing office reopenings during the COVID-19 pandemic, a global risk-mitigation firm with 530 offices in more than 80 countries was faced with the prospect of implementing their office reopening framework manually.

This would not only require a huge investment in time and resources, it would lead to subjective decisions that could open the door to liability. Using Unqork’s Workforce Resilience & Risk Management Application, the firm implemented their proprietary risk management framework in fewer than 3 weeks. With this application they can centrally manage risk, run through company-specific workflows and approvals, and, most importantly, reopen offices in a manner that’s specific to their business.

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