Process Optimization

Unqork’s business logic modules are built to scale process automation, best practices, and API-based integrations, empowering DevOps to rapidly connect applications, databases, and workflows in a completely secure and compliant manner.

Unqork can help at any step of your digital transformation journey to drive application development agility

CIO orgs ops teams understand that operations are key to ensuring that the business runs smoothly with the applications it has and needs.

To accomplish this, ops teams need business logic modules that are built to scale process automation and API-based integrations to manage workflows. Too often, ops teams are not able to effectively and efficiently manage workflows between data sources and front-end applications due to bandwidth constraints and lack of robust dev tools.

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"Unqork’s enterprise codeless platform has been a great technology partner for us on our digitization journey"

—Louis Piliego, Marsh COO

The Unqork advantage for process optimization

Unqork can help remove the bottlenecks for operations teams with cloud-native, API-based integration templates that run workflows in a fully compliant, rapid, and plug-and-play manner to scale process automation and best practices for business orchestration.


Accelerate speed-to-market

Go from ideation to production 3x faster without sacrificing quality. Unqork has been used to deliver critical enterprise-grade solutions in as little as 3 days.


Tighten controls

Enterprise-grade RBAC provides access controls for specific teams or individual users.


Reduce costs

Achieve 3x cost savings on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) via reduced maintenance & DevOps expenses.

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Workflow Automation

Unqork delivers codeless automations that support security, flexibility, management, and maintenance via highly customizable workflows and interfaces where assets can be governed, including workflows for people and tasks, managing load balancing, virtual machine provisioning, and server audits.


Unqork supports custom RBAC configurations to control the specific roles each platform user should have. This RBAC can be used to define granular access to configuration, production, and administration capabilities. RBAC can be created and configured per each user permissions down to the field level.

visually Configured APIs

Business Logic

Unqork’s easy-to-apply business logic increases your organization’s technical capacity through simple codeless integration frameworks that automate repetitive, technical tasks through workflows, including integration within DevOps tooling and workflow & automation across project management and ticketing systems.


“...a minimum of three times faster and three times less expensive [than traditional methods]”

James McGlennon, CIO, Liberty Mutual Insurance

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