Ecosystem Integration

Unqork’s codeless platform provides built-in, fully functional workflows and rules engines which allow you to transform your company to running on small services as opposed to monoliths.

Unqork can help at any step of your digital transformation journey to drive application development agility

As business systems grow in complexity, it's more important than ever for a CIO's team to choose one unified platform that can support all their technology needs.

CIOs need a platform that can integrate with their existing systems and processes, and ensure security, compliance and quality standards across their teams and functions.

Today however, creating and maintaining integrations is difficult due to the abundance of antiquated tools that are unable to support legacy systems or third-party services.

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"Unqork allows us to build common solutions and deploy them across multiple business lines and multiple regions."

—Susan Rousseau, Global Head of Digital Strategy and Emerging Business, State Street

The Unqork advantage for ecosystem integration

Unqork helps CIOs realize their vision for an integrated ecosystem by accelerating application development and rapidly digitizing processes with a completely unified codeless platform.


Rapid integrations

Users no longer have to code the integration endpoints, nor code how data should be sent back and forth, driving 3x faster dev time due to rapid integrations and data migrations from both external and internal systems.


Improve oversight

Gain complete visibility into services in use and create an objective risk assessment across data, business, and legal risk.


Reduce costs

Achieve 3x cost savings on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) via reduced maintenance and DevOps expenses.

Database Indexes

Data Transformation

Execute complex data transformations that allow for data to be persistent, transient, and able to transform. Easily validate and send for server-side processing, all while gathering key insights for development best practices.

Integrate systems via an intuitive drag-and-drop UI

Add API inputs and outputs to execute data transformation without code, enable frictionless data construction & reporting into simple data tables, and integrate with third-party services or data sources.

Designer - Desktop
Plugin - Flat Device

Connect & extend existing enterprise systems

Extend governance and security into business lines, integrating with applications and marketplaces. Capabilities include nano-decisioning and field-level role-based access with rules engine and RBAC capabilities to protect the company data.


“...a minimum of three times faster and three times less expensive [than traditional methods]”

James McGlennon, CIO, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Welcome to the future of enterprise application development

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