Unqork for Real Estate


Whether you’re changing the skyline or competing for tenants, the last thing you should be worrying about is software. But in today’s complex environment, manually staying on top of key events like tenant/contractor insurance, closing out, or various other filings becomes cumbersome. Solving this problem has traditionally relied on completely custom applications, integrations, or bloated out-of-the-box software.

Unqork simplifies the entire application development process with a platform that’s integrated and easy to use. Construct purpose-built applications without having to bring on a specialized consultancy, create an internal IT team, or write a single line of code.

Streamline workflows

Move away from Excel-based manual processes. Define and build applications with a single unified visual interface, all without having to write a line of code.

Adapt to regulatory changes

The Unqork core platform continuously adapts to regulatory changes within individual components so you can focus on managing risk, not regulatory changes.

Reduce cost and complexity

Unqork makes it easy to create simple and powerful tools designed specifically for you, making it easy to keep track of your portfolio and tenants.

Use Cases


Cover Management

Including comprehensive risk management for owners and automated pre-lapse notifications that alert all stakeholders.

Tenant & Contractor Marketplace

Real-time access to a marketplace for contractors, professionals, and tenants to maintain and obtain coverage through an easy-to-use portal.

Coverage and risk monitoring

A comprehensive project-based coverage dashboard to monitor and mitigate risk in real-time.

Filing & Permit Submissions

Unqork can digitize and optimize all filings and permits to ensure accurate data from the first filing through construction and close-out.

Automated error reduction

Eliminate errors, reduce data entry, and prevent expensive, time-consuming disruptions to work.

Agency data integration

Unqork pulls data directly from trusted sources and aggregates it seamlessly (e.g., BIN, zoning, violations, expirations) for real-time use by the project team.

Welcome to the future of enterprise application development.

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