Unqork for Life Insurance

Rapidly develop robust, compliant enterprise-grade applications across all your product lines. Design highly-automated workflows with seamless, secure integrations into existing internal systems and external services.

Traditional insurance processes were not designed for the digital age. Life insurance customers demand swift digital experiences, and providers need an easier way to bring products to market.

Unqork is reimagining the application development process to drive new business acquisition, accelerate underwriting processes, automate business acquisition workflows, and develop end-to-end policy & claims administration systems. With Unqork, life insurers can be more agile, accelerate time-to-market for new products, increase revenue, and reduce operational risk—all without writing a single line of code.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Eliminate legacy code and maintenance with an application development process that’s much easier to not only build, but also to maintain.

Get new products to market faster

Accelerate the application development process with a single visual interface across the entire development stack.

Improve quality and reduce risk

Stop throwing requirements over the wall — your engineers, business owners, and analysts can all work and collaborate more effectively with Unqork.


"Unqork's special genius is fixing the entire life insurance issuance process."

Tim Ash, Founder

Learn how no-code is transforming life insurance

To remain competitive, life insurance providers must find ways to leverage new technologies that instill operational efficiencies, address the preferences of younger generations, and amplify agent productivity. This is why leading insurance firms are increasingly embracing no-code. This new class of development platform eliminates traditional friction points and accelerates the building of scalable, enterprise-ready insurance solutions.




Learn about our new business acquisition solution

Unqork's New Business Acquisition Solution is a fully digital system for collecting new customer information. We help life insurers move paper forms online, and make it easy to directly integrate with external systems for key information gathering (e.g. license validation). After the quote is delivered, our solution sends auto-generated policy documents with e-signature functionality to tie off the seamless, digital application process.


Life Insurance Use Cases


New Business Acquisition: Digitize new business acquisition, rapidly connect with distribution channels (banks, broker-dealers, IMOs, BGAs), and integrate with external systems for key information.

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Underwriting: Enable accelerated underwriting and streamline your underwriting workbench with a fully digital, self-service underwriting experience for your customers and underwriters.

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Policy Administration: Manage the entire policy lifecycle with a platform that provides the agility to change and react to market needs and conditions.


Claims Administration: Modernize death claims from FNOL through final payment to streamline claims handling processes, drive productivity, and inform decisions that contribute to swift, cost-effective claim resolution.

Welcome to the future of insurance application development.

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