Unqork for Life Sciences

Rapidly build enterprise-grade applications to make clinical trial processes more efficient, secure, and safe.

From the way clinical trials are run to patient services to regulatory operations, there are virtually no organizational life science functions that would not benefit from enhancements to digital engagement, execution, and innovation.

Using Unqork, life science companies are able to build portals to integrate and manage all medical affairs interactions with healthcare providers, including integration of data from CRM as well as intake tools to drive study startup, verifications, and regulatory operations—all without writing a single line of code.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Eliminate legacy code and maintenance with an application development process that’s much easier to not only build, but also to maintain.

Get new products to market faster

Accelerate the application development process with a single visual interface across the entire development stack.

Improve quality and reduce risk

Stop throwing requirements over the wall — your engineers, business owners, and analysts can all work and collaborate more effectively with Unqork.


Discover our new Advanced Trial Monitoring solution

Unqork’s new Advanced Trial Monitoring solution empowers organizations to efficiently conduct SDV—either remotely or on-site. Advanced technologies such as automated document scanning automate key tasks with machine efficiency, while robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality ensures that trial data will only be reviewed by the relevant trial monitor before they are purged from the system.


Life Sciences Use Cases

Advanced Trial Monitoring

Digitize monitoring workflows for data review, patient recruitment, site evaluation, and other processes, and incorporate next-generation technologies including automated scanning and NLP-driven redaction.

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Study Startup and Site Onboarding

Build tailored onboarding systems for sponsors to rapidly survey sites for feasibility information and link to downstream applications.

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Patient Services Hub

Create a comprehensive patient experience / portal for diabetes (or other TA) patients, including coordination with external systems and services, to support medication adherence and disease management.

Regulatory Operations

Codify and create end-to-end business processes to manage planning and compliance across a multitude of global stakeholders.

Digital Provider Collaboration

Build a portal to integrate and manage all Medical Affairs interactions with healthcare providers, including integration of data from CRM as well as intake tools.

Welcome to the future of life science application development.

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