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Attracting new students has never been more challenging. Innovations in online learning are putting pressure on traditional universities to deliver an experience that takes advantage of modern systems. This demand is further complicated by the fact that most existing systems are built on outdated or off-the-rack technologies that require constant maintenance. As a result, your organization gets “stuck in the mud” with existing projects, and has a hard time innovating.
Unqork solves this problem by giving you a better way to build powerful applications without having to make large investments in new teams or expensive consultants.



Move faster

Go from idea to working application in days or weeks, not months or years


Improve Quality

Gain greater insight into your organization through real-time feedback from each of your stakeholders


Reduce costs

Create seamless digital experiences that meet student and faculty expectations

Education Application Development Use Cases


Teacher and Tutor Discovery Platform

Create a platform to help your students connect with the right faculty member for their specific learning goals and continue to support them as they launch their careers.

Student Portals

Create a central hub for your students to check their grades, request changes to their schedules, and communicate with their academic and administrative leaders.

Alumni Communities

Connect your alumni to their alma mater. Foster communication, promote campus news, and support offline events for your alumni network.

Campus Maps

Help visitors easily navigate your campus. Make it easy for students and families to find the admissions office, dorm rooms, parking lots, dining halls, security desks, and more.

Counseling & Support

Help your students connect with their academic, career, and emotional counselors securely across any device.

Career Development

Create a centralized job board for students, alumni, and partners to create profiles and share career opportunities. Engage your alumni network to help your students find amazing jobs and internships.

Welcome to the future of enterprise application development.

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