Unqork Small Business Lending Platform

Self-service lending platform and post loan servicing all in line with CARES Act regulation.

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The CARES Act brings new regulatory, compliance, operational, and technology challenges. The sheer volume of incoming applications will likely be higher than any lender has ever seen. To capitalize on this opportunity, lenders must act quickly while maintaining the integrity of their operations and regulatory compliance.

Unqork’s Small Business Digital Lending Platform is a turnkey application enabling banks to quickly begin processing CARES Act loans while complying with stated guidelines. Potential borrowers can easily apply and upload their information, qualification criteria are automatically applied, and applications are aggregated and presented for efficient review by your underwriting team. The result is a flexible solution allowing you to get up and running quickly and support communities in need.


Allow borrowers to input company information, and instantly calculate eligibility and loan amounts.



Integrate with existing systems and external data sources such as KYC, OFAC, Fraud, and Loan Checking vendors.


Send messages to borrowers for loan application management, notifications, and follow-ups.


Enable underwriters with dashboards to review business information and confirm supporting evidence all in one place.


Easily implement loan underwriting, monitoring, compliance, and forgiveness processes as required by the CARES Act.


Borrower Functionality


Collect business information and calculate eligibility

The Borrow Portal allows existing clients and new borrowers to apply for a loan by uploading their company information (account number, company type, ownership, payroll, etc.) in a seamless workflow. With CARES Act eligibility built-in to the application, loan qualification is executed instantly without the need for coding new eligibility requirements or manually reviewing submissions. 


Let your borrowers choose what's best for them

Allow your borrowers to select their preferred disbursement method, and connect their bank account via vendors like Plaid.

Lender Functionality

Loan Dashboard


Visualize loan activity in custom dashboards

The Underwriter Portal centralizes loan submissions for efficient review by your underwriting team. View applications by age, status, or create your own custom variables. 

Underwriting Checklist


Streamline your underwriting team

Make it easier for your team to review an application’s business and owner information, and confirm supporting evidence or escalate submissions, all in one place.



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