Retirement Sponsor Onboarding

Accelerate processes and reduce manual tasks with a fully digital, highly automated end-to-end onboarding solution.

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Unqork enables providers to rapidly build and effectively manage a fully digital end-to-end onboarding process that enables dynamic workflow orchestration, automates complex data processing, verification, and includes self-service functionality.


Accelerated cycle time

Improved ability to compete for new business by reducing onboarding cycles from a few weeks to a few days


Enhanced onboarding experience

Provide sponsors with an intuitive digital onboarding portal that provides access to onboarding status, process checklists, and documentation



Coordinated handoffs

Seamlessly handoff tasks between teams to hasten the onboarding process and provide better service through ongoing communications



Demo: Retirement Sponsor Onboarding

Key Capabilities


Dynamic workflow orchestration

Orchestrate end-to-end sponsor onboarding processes through a central location with seamless handoffs between sponsors and relevant stakeholders (e.g. Sales, Onboarding, and Administration teams)


Automated data processing & capture

Pre-populate sponsor data from existing upstream systems (e.g. CRM), file ingestion for plan transfers, and data processing and routing for downstream systems


Sponsor-facing portal

Track onboarding process and manage all interactions and plan documentation, supporting robust self-service capability


Real-time status updates

Provide all stakeholders with up-to-date information from a centralized source of truth


Seamless integrations

Integrate with legacy record-keeping and CRM systems as well as external third-party services



Build a system that adheres to your company’s visual and brand guidelines

Customer Story

A top-5 retirement solutions provider built an end-to-end onboarding solution in just 5 months using 6 resources

One of the world’s biggest retirement solutions providers was saddled with long—and often delayed—sponsor onboarding processes, which greatly hampered its ability to compete for new business. The company was forced to invest resources into costly, highly manual processes that too-often produced poor or inconsistent data.

Using Unqork’s no-code enterprise application platform, the provider developed and deployed a custom end-to-end onboarding solution in just 5 months. The solution automates sponsor, plan, servicing, pricing, advisor, and TPA data capture processes. It applies robust, but flexible business logic at scale, and supports seamless handoffs between clients and advisors. Because it was built using Unqork, it was easy to integrate with the company’s existing CRM solution, as well as other downstream systems.

  • Rapid speed-to-market—the solution went from ideation to production in only 5 months using only 6 resources

  • Accelerated client onboarding—average times reduced from 4 weeks to less than 1 week

  • Reduced operational risk delivered via automated controls & data validation rules

  • Decreased cost of operations and total cost of ownership

  • Improved client relationship management and revenue potential

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