Retirement Producer Onboarding

Rapidly build and effectively manage an application to optimize the producer onboarding process from start-to-finish.

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With Unqork, you can develop and integrate a comprehensive producer-facing digital hub to support onboarding workflows and verification processes while enabling administrative oversight. Easily integrate with internal systems and third-party sources (e.g., NIPR/PDB, LIMRA, RegEd) to optimize producer validation tasks including licensing, training and education, credit, OFAC, as well as custom blacklist checks.


Reduced costs

Reduce the cost of onboarding agents by up to 70% by digitizing and standardizing the onboarding process



Accelerated onboarding

Experience 50% faster advisor onboarding times, resulting in higher productivity and improved ability to compete for new business



Improved producer experience

Enhance producer relationships and experiences by reducing pain points and providing transparency throughout the onboarding process for producers



Demo: Retirement Producer Onboarding

Key Capabilities


Role-based dashboards

Customizable dashboards for producers, IMOs, and Operations team to promote self-service and reflects business process


Seamless integrations

Integrate with third-party sources for producer verifications (license, training and education, credit, OFAC, blacklist checks, etc.) to accelerate validation process and integrate with downstream applications (agency management, imaging, commissions, etc.) for seamless data transfer


Workflow orchestration

Seamless workflow to enable complex producer onboarding (IMO, MGA, Individual) including automated onboarding invitations and reminders based on progress and case status


Automatic NIGO checks

Automatically identify any NIGO submissions and trigger producer- or company-facing remediation workflows



Fully secure platform with advanced role-based access, digital dashboard and analytics to manage processes, and dynamically updates access based on role, e.g. Agent, Applicant, Client Manager

Success Story

A top-5 retirement  provider developed an end-to-end onboarding process in just 3 months

A top-5 global retirement solutions provider was saddled with long—and often delayed—sponsor onboarding processes, which greatly hampered its ability to compete for new business. The provider sought a way to modernize and digitize its onboarding processes by replacing its legacy systems.

An off-the-shelf solution might address some of the company’s challenges, but wouldn’t offer the customization the company needed to secure a competitive advantage. A bespoke solution could be customized to the needs of the business, but would be difficult and resource-intensive to build and manage. This is where Unqork played a crucial role.

Using Unqork’s enterprise no-code application platform, the company developed an end-to-end onboarding solution in just 4 months. The agent-facing application streamlines onboarding processes for its retirement benefits lines of business. The customizable application seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing CRM solution, as well as other downstream information-verification systems.


Decrease in agent onboarding times 


Reduction in the cost of operations 


Number of weeks to go from ideation-to-production


Number of FTEs working on the project

Reduced Operational Risk 

With automated controls & data validation rules

Enhanced UX 

Delivered through 24/7 access to information and processes

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