Billing and Fee Management

Rapidly build and effectively manage an end-to-end fee billing & expense management platform to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase compliance.

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With Unqork, firms can rapidly build an end-to-end billing & fee management solution to set-up, calculate, and schedule fees; manage allocations; and automatically generate client invoices and reporting. With Unqork, firms are able to flexibly add and edit new fee types, including one-time or recurring fees, as well as minimums, maximums, credits, and exclusion of certain assets.



Easily add custom fee calculations to support new products and customers to enable accelerated product launch


Greater operational efficiencies

Streamline and automate high-volume processes to free-up capacity for mission-critical processes



Improved compliance

Keep your processes up-to-date with evolving state and federal regulations


Demo: Billing and Fee Management

Additional Capabilities


Seamless integrations

Freely (but securely) exchange data between existing legacy systems and external solutions, eliminating the need for manual data entry


Straight-through processing

Seamlessly integrate workflows from data feed management to fee calculation with in-app fee exception escalation & resolutions


Easy-to-configure calculation engine

Easily setup & edit fees, credits, discounts, and allocation types including allocations for revenue


Dynamic reports & dashboards

Easily create dynamic dashboards based on business requirements and desired frequency


Embedded contract & regulatory compliance

Ensure regulatory good standing with centralized controls and monitoring

Customer Story

A leading global financial services organization build an end-to-end billing & expense management platform in just 12 weeks

A leading global financial services organization was embarking on a journey to implement a single, standardized system to streamline operations across the fee, billing, collection and third-party-payment cycle. The solution will help address challenges with existing manual processes and slow cycle times which were contributing to increased operational costs and low customer satisfaction.

After partnering with Unqork, the company built an end-to-end fee billing & expense management platform in just 12 weeks. The platform empowered the organization to efficiently manage fee types, calculate fees at all levels (e.g., plan sponsor, participant, etc.), manage allocations, and provide invoicing with customer invoices that were fully branded to client needs.

  • Reduced costs thanks to lowered operational costs due to automation and standardization of processing

  • Accelerated speed-to-market: The application went from ideation to production in only 12 weeks with only 8 resources

  • Scalability with the ability to easily add custom fee calculations to support new products and customers

  • Reduced operational risk via RBAC, automated controls, data validation rules, & maker/checker workflows for four-eyes review of sensitive data

  • Improved client relationships thanks to timely and accurate invoices

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