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What's New in Unqork 2021.1

Platform Release 2021.1

Unqork 2021.1 offers enhancements to more easily build modules & components and handle APIs & administration. 

The Unqork 2021.1 release offers a slew of Creator enhancements to empower application developers of all skill levels to build even better, even faster. Creators will reap the following benefits:

  • Stop worrying about misspelling Property Ids in Component Settings

  • Get submission level fields in config, like userId and created date, more easily

  • Simplify configurations and support environment-specific values for testing purposes and more

Let’s dive deeper into what’s new with Unqork.

Autocomplete Property IDs

When we found that Creators attributed a large percentage of their configuration errors to spelling mistakes (specifically when referencing Property Ids in Component Settings), the Unqork team worked quickly to provide a fix.

Unqork 2021.1 provides teams with a contextual, guided experience for referencing Property Ids in component settings with a new autocomplete functionality

Example of autocompleted property ids

Improve Creator productivity by reducing manual data entry errors and decreasing time to reference Property Ids.

Getter for the active submission

Certain submission fields live outside of the submission data (e.g., userId, created date, etc.), which means they are not directly accessible in module configuration. There are workarounds to access this information, but they can be tedious and may not function as expected.

The addition of a “getSubmissionFields” getter can now be used in logic components to make higher-level submission fields more accessible. It will save the Creator time and reduce complexity when accessing these fields in configuration.

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Global Variables

Configuration requirements differ based on environment (e.g., for testing integrations, feature flags, etc.). The workaround to support “config environment variables” is prone to error. Project requirements change throughout the project’s life cycle, so manually locating and updating values throughout an application can quickly become time-consuming.

To improve productivity, Unqork 2021.1 provides administrators with a standardized way to create/edit Global Variables in Administration.

Example of how to edit global variables

Simplify configurations, reduce modular complexity, and update modules faster.

I am excited for these updates, and I hope you are too!

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