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What’s New in Unqork 2021.7

Platform Release 2021.7

Unqork 2021.7 debuts the world’s first ever no-code Marketplace as well as a slew of process enhancements around validation controls.

This was an exciting month for Unqork. Unqork 2021.7 not only provides enhancements to Module Validation Controls and the overall Unqork Development Life Cycle (UDLC) toolkit—it also marks the debut of the world’s first ever no-code Marketplace.

Now, let’s dive into the updates!

Unveiling the Marketplace

Built specifically for the enterprise to build applications at lightning speed, the Unqork Marketplace is an extensive library of no-code assets: pre-configured software snippets, pre-built integrations from partners like DocuSign, Twilio and Experian, and customizable applications that have wide applicability across industries. Creators and engineers simply drag-and-drop these time-saving assets and add them to their Unqork environment. 

“We’re not a tool in a tool belt, we’re the entire workshop.”

It’s the first (and only) Marketplace of its kind. As our CEO and Founder Gary Hoberman puts it, “We’re not a tool in a tool belt, we’re the entire workshop.”

Learn more about the benefits of the Marketplace directly from our VP of Marketplace, Warren Chen, in our launch announcement

Two new triggers for module validation

To add control around module validation, we've added two triggers to the Button component:

  • Trigger for valid form: Triggers before saving the form, but only if the module is valid (all required fields have values)

  • Trigger for invalid form: Triggers before saving the form, but only if the module is invalid

These new settings give Creators more finely-tuned control over the module's behavior in the face of validation errors.

UDLC toolkit process enhancements

Creators are now able to add notes to violations highlighted by the Config Analysis tool. Adding notes can help provide context around the status of each violation, helping reduce production issues for the end-user and increasing accountability for the Creator.

Creators can now open the SSE (Server-Side Execute) Debugger from the Service Logs Dashboard tool—and populate the SSE Debugger with pertinent service log data. This is thanks to the inclusion of the serviceLogId in the query string on page open. This new link improves efficiency and decreases the time and number of steps involved in the debugging process.

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With the Marketplace launch, Unqork 2021.7 is perhaps our most ambitious platform update to date. I am certain that the Marketplace will help Creators and engineers build faster than ever before, and I am pleased with the various other enhancements the Unqork team has managed to provide users despite a product launch that required 24/7 attention.

To learn more about how Unqork’s no-code platform works, schedule a personalized demonstration with one of our in-house experts. Also, sign up for the Unqork newsletter to discover more ways no-code is changing the enterprise application industry.