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What’s New in Unqork 2021.2

Platform Release 2021.2

Unqork 2021.2 offers two enhancements to help you more efficiently manage multiple applications and interact with your modules.

The release of Unqork 2021.2 has a new and improved Workspaces experience and introduces the Module Outline. These updates were delivered as a remedy to user pain points and requested improvements, so I am certain that these changes are not only welcome, but will also enable Creators to build faster within the Unqork platform.

Let’s dig deeper into why we made these updates and what their functionalities are.   


Up until now, Workspaces was in Beta and required users to navigate to a specific URL. This made full immersion into the experience challenging as it was not yet a navigational option in the platform. Now, Workspaces is the new default view, allowing Creators to get its full value.

App Builder will still be accessible via Settings (until mid-2021), but we encourage Unqork users to leverage Workspaces as we’ll continue to add updates that will increase your productivity and efficiency in the platform.

To learn more about Workspaces, click here.

Workspaces is a powerful new feature set to help you efficiently manage multiple applications in Unqork. Teams can effectively (and flexibly) scale while maintaining order since applications are packaged in an intuitive and clean interface. To learn more about Workspaces, click here.


Module Outline

Creators did not have an easy way to search within their modules, or understand the structure of a module or the relationships between components within it. That is because, inherently, modules are large and have many interdependent and related components within them. With requirements constantly evolving, different people jump in-and-out of configuration. 

The Module Outline will greatly enhance search and navigation capabilities to alleviate this, giving all Creators a better application building experience with improved productivity, usability, and learnability.

  • Create a new way to interact with modules that allows users to visually see and interact with a structured “outline” of the module

  • Add search and navigation capabilities so users can get to their desired destination quickly 

  • Set the foundation for additional features that will provide more visibility and organization-related functionality

I am very excited with this latest release. Unqork 2021.2 will eliminate cross-team development bottlenecks, build and manage multiple projects, and ultimately enable your enterprise to grow at scale.

To learn more about how Unqork’s no-code platform works, schedule a personalized demonstration with one of our in-house experts. Also, sign up for the Unqork newsletter to discover more ways no-code is changing the enterprise application industry.