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What's New In Unqork 2022.1

Version 1.5 of the Release Management tool brings 3 new features that promise to transform the release & promotion process into an unparalleled version control experience.

Unqork’s latest updates for this month bring you Release Management v1.5, a powerful new way to prepare and promote releases with our Release Management tool. These are the three reasons we are excited to be providing Creators this update.

1. Create a snapshot of your release

Using the Release Management tool to promote a release is now a two-step process:

  1. Creating a tagged release (list of applications, modules, and data collections, including a record of the versions of the included modules)

  2. Promoting that tagged release

Tagging a release creates a snapshot of the release at that moment, keeping its current state frozen in time. When you promote the tagged release to a target environment in the future, the promoted release reflects the versions of the modules as they were when the release was tagged—even if changes have been made since then. 

This powerful new way to use the Release Management tool brings flexibility to the release management process. Creators can more easily experiment with application changes without losing a record of a previous stable version.

2. Release only part of your application

Now Creators can select a subset of an application’s modules and data collections to include in their release. You can even select modules and data collections from different tagged releases, letting you draw from different snapshots for a single release! With partial application releases, you have more control than ever over the release management process.

3. Leverage a new integration API

With the new Release Management Integration API, you can automate promotion processes via external services. Integrating the release management process into your external continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines is easier than ever.