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Webinar: Reimagining Clinical Trials Through Digital Transformation

If only one positive thing comes from the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be that the urgency of the moment is the thing that finally compels the life sciences industry to implement some long-overdue digital functionality into largely "analog" clinical trial processes. 

Not only are digital processes inherently more efficient than manual ones, but they also allow trial managers and participants to engage remotely (and just as importantly in the era of social distancing, safely).

A transformation of this scale, however, is no easy undertaking. Fortunately, the industry has access to technologies that weren’t available even a decade ago. Enterprise no-code application platforms like Unqork empower organizations to build complex, scalable (and secure) digital solutions with a fraction of the resources it would take using a traditional code-based approach.

Want to learn more? Watch the replay of our recent webinar featuring Unqork's Head of Healthcare Kara Dennis as she explores how the Unqork platform can help life sciences organizations reexamine their approach to building and investing in their digital infrastructure.