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Webinar: Low-Code vs No-Code: A Practitioner's View

While demand for custom digital solutions has surged in recent years, many enterprise development functions still struggle to keep pace with the speed of business. Why? Well, to put it simply: Building custom solutions for the modern enterprise isn't easy.

Businesses must contend with complex digital ecosystems featuring external solutions and legacy technologies (which are sometimes decades old) while competing with other enterprises for a small pool of experienced IT workers. To overcome these challenges, many companies have turned to low-code and no-code application development platforms. While both approaches are an improvement over developing with code alone, only one adequately addresses the needs of the modern enterprise.

Watch this webinar replay to hear Alex Schmelkin (CMO, Unqork) and Richard Tarling (Managing Director & Technology Fellow of Core Engineering, Goldman Sachs) discuss how no-code development platforms support complex builds in a way that standard code or even low-code applications can’t.