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InterSystems & Unqork on Making the Most of Your Finserv Data

In a recent Finovate Interview, Unqork’s Christian Lewis & InterSystems’ Joe Lichtenberg discuss financial services trends & challenges and how the Unqork–Finovate partnership addresses them.

Christian Lewis (Client Director of Financial Services, Unqork) and Joe Lichtenberg (Global Head of Product and Industry Marketing, InterSystems) join Finovate Analyst David Penn to discuss major initiatives concerning digital transformation in financial services.

According to Joe Lichtenberg, the two big trends are (1) gaining access to enterprise-wide data that is currently siloed, particularly in managing risk, and (2) improving operational efficiencies. Christian added that historically, these organizations have been managing point solutions for risk that require a lot of manual effort—and then eventually require further investment around a technology platform that can support a bigger ecosystem (e.g., risk and control assessments, BCP, issues and incidents, etc.).

Banks are recognizing that there is a massive amount of data and predictive analytics that can be used to mitigate risk in the future. Unfortunately, it’s hard for their teams to access this fragmented information. Watch the full discussion to learn how Unqork’s no-code development platform and InterSystems’ data management software can help the finserv space:

  • Expedite the retrieval and delivery of data to the right people

  • Increase digital agility to improve operational efficiency

  • Use fewer development resources, saving time and money

"InterSystems develops this entire data fabric that you can connect Unqork to. It really empowers folks from business analysts to engineers—to even folks within the business itself to—develop applications entirely with no code. Some of the things that we typically find folks creating are client acquisition and servicing portals, everything from the applicant experience down to the agent who is servicing the customer.” —Christian Lewis